In 2012, when he was just 5 years old, Caleb Hines, along with his mother Marcie, decided it was time for young Caleb to learn the importance of helping others and giving back to his community. Searching for ways to get involved, Marcie quickly discovered there were very limited opportunities for children his age to volunteer and become engaged. So, the seed was planted to create an avenue where children could help other children, with a focus to provide basic necessities.
In her search for opportunities, one fateful visit led Marcie to the epiphany moment that would lead to the creation of Caleb’s Cause Foundation. While visiting a friend’s non-profit, All Things Baby, a local organization offering assistance to expectant mothers and children in need, the phone rang three times, all with the same request for diapers. With each call, the reply was regretfully the same, “I’m sorry, no we don’t have any”. As Marcie tells it, “It was at that moment I asked her about the requests and she explained the need for diapers, the lack of funding for diapers and the abuse that comes from lack of diapers. From there we did our homework and decided diapers was the #1 focus for us.” And Caleb’s Cause Foundation was born.
Did You Know…
• There are no government programs that provide diapers or cover the cost.
• An infant needs an average of 12 diapers a day, while a toddler needs 8.
• Some low-income families are forced to keep their children in one diaper a day!
• Statistics reveal not having enough diapers for daily changes causes:
– Increased health problems
– Child abuse is more likely to occur due to non-stop crying from continually wearing soiled diapers
– Parent’s often miss work and keep their children out of daycare due to the lack of diapers
• Some children with disabilities never outgrow the need for diapers, placing additional financial and emotional strain on struggling parents.
So Caleb and Marcie rolled up their sleeves and got busy. Very busy! Drawing on his love for all things Superheroes, Caleb decided to call on his Superhero friends to pitch in. And they did just that, hosting diaper drives during their own parties, requesting guests bring diapers to donate to Caleb’s Cause Foundation, instead of gifts for themselves. One remarkable friend, 11-year old Billy Vega has hosted an annual Christmas party for the last three years requesting diapers in lieu of presents. Friends, family and schoolmates all volunteering to support Caleb and the children of Oklahoma.
Caleb’s Cause Foundation also engages the community-at-large by hosting its annual fundraising event, 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run each August. Now in it’s seventh year, the race is expected to draw over 300 Superheroes who each donate diapers of any size or brand, providing enough diapers to serve 10,000 Oklahoma children! The run is an all-ages event offering music, entertainment, a photobooth and even a Superhero Closet whereas partcipants can throw on their own Superhero cape and Run for a Cause.
Diapers are currently distributed to nine community partners throughout the State of Oklahoma. Each distribution location is carefully selected by Caleb and Marcie through an application process, site visit and annual assessment of needs. With the growing awareness of the need for diapers, Caleb’s Cause Foundation is expected to add five additional statewide distribution locations in 2018, with the goal of one day providing diapers to every Oklahoma child in need.
When asked what motivates Marcie to keep pushing forward, Marcie states “Getting to serve next to my son is priceless. Getting to go to our locations and seeing families there picking up our diapers is the most humbling experience. Hearing over and over again that mothers are bringing their children in soiled diapers to our locations and able to change their babies immediately, providing instant relief to both mom and baby is a heavy feeling that brings you to the very core of why we do this.”
And to young Caleb, the enormity of what they have embarked upon is not lost on him. Caleb says, “The government won’t do it and the schools can’t do it, so it has to be us.” Caleb goes on to say, “I believe we CAN make a difference because we already ARE making a difference.” To see and hear Caleb in his own words, visit him on FACEBOOK AT .
But it’s not enough. Caleb’s Cause Foundation won’t stop until every child in Oklahoma, and beyond, have the basic necessities they need. Next on Caleb and Marcie’s To-Do list, they’re setting their sites on a partnership with a diaper manufacturer to become a distributor, so as to serve even more children and families in desperate need. They also plan to lobby federal legislatures to change the food stamp laws which prohibit the purchase of diapers, directly affecting the health, safety and well being for millions of children around the country.
For more information about Caleb, Marcie, the remarkable work of Caleb’s Cause Foundation and the children they serve, please visit

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