At Glade Assisted Living, Robin Maurey-Williams , LPN wears many hats as she cares for the residents/patients.

By Vickie Jenkins, Staff Writer

“Let Glade Avenue Focus Care provide the quality care for your loved with dignity and respect, encouraging a spirit of independence” Glade Avenue South – Focus Care
When someone walks into Glade Assisted Living, they will be greeted by a friendly and professional staff. One of the outstanding nurses is Robin Maurey-Williams, LPN. Robin has been a nurse for nineteen years and has been at Glade Assisted Living for three months. (story continued below)

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South Campus:
· Med-Surg – FT $7,500 SIGNING BONUS
· RN Med-Surg Nights – FT $10,000 SIGNING BONUS
· RN Circulator – FT $10,000 SIGNING BONUS
· RN Endoscopy – FT
· RN Employee Health – FT
· RN Pre-Admission Testing – FT $3,000 SIGNING BONUS
· RN Quality Improvement Specialist – FT
· RN Pain – FT
· RN Pain/GI – PRN
· RN Pre-Admission Testing – PRN
· RN Med-Surg – PRN
North Campus:
· RN Circulator – FT $10,000 SIGNING BONUS
· RN Pre Op Phase II Recovery – FT $3,000 SIGNING BONUS
· RN Pre-Admission Testing Days – FT $3,000 SIGNING BONUS
· RN Pre-Admission Testing – PRN
· RN Med-Surg Nights – PRN
Northwest Surgical Hospital:
· RN Med-Surg Days – FT $7,500 SIGNING BONUS
· RN Pre-Op – PRN
· RN Med-Surg – PRN
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Robin went into nursing because she wanted to be able to care for others and says it is her way of serving God. “I loved the TV shows Mash with Major Houlihan and Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. These women played two of my role models. Of course, it also helped that both of my parents were in the medical field,” she commented.
Born in Pennsylvania, Robin was raised in Oklahoma all of her life. She attended DeMarge College for nursing. “I remember when I was a little girl, I wanted to be one of three things; a Veterinarian, a nurse or cosmetologist. I’m glad I chose nursing; caring for others.”
Asking Robin what qualities a nurse should have, she replied, ”A nurse should have a heart and care about others, someone who takes the time to listen to the patients/residents and their staff and one who is willing to step out and help others.”
“Being a nurse is such a rewarding job. I think everyone needs to find that out for themselves. The biggest reward is being able to help others and seeing the smile on their face. That allows me to know I was able to help in a little way. It makes a big difference. On the other hand, my biggest challenge is feeling like I am not doing enough, or not having the confidence in myself that I need or second guessing,” she explained.
What advice would you give to someone going into the medical field? “If the medical field is a true place of where you want to be, it is because you have a strong desire for others. Working in the nursing home and Assisted Living facilities, those patients/residents, you could be the only family they will have or ever see. Sometimes, it appears that their families have forgotten them. In my case, before I attending LPN school, I did work as a CNA because I wanted to make sure that nursing was what I really wanted. It helped me to grow as a person. Now, I am able to help my staff as well as myself too.”
Robin’s day is busy. “My typical day is going to work early in the morning, getting reports and then, it becomes a non-stop day. I usually see about twenty-eight residents/patients not counting the ones in a different building,” Robin said. “We all work as a team; no one is better than the other person. They are all hard working and amazing. The thing is, while doing nursing, my biggest fear was always nursing homes, yet that is where I always end up. I scored straight A’s in Gerontology and received an honors award for Gerontology. Then, I finally figured it out, it wasn’t the nursing home that I feared, it was those that I care for day in and day out and watching them when they pass away. I love my residents very much. Yes, even the not so nice ones,” she said with a laugh.
“It was my mom that influenced me quite a bit. She wanted me to have a job that I could be proud of and continue to grow. I watched both of my parents grow in the medical field when I was growing up. I have worked with several nurses who have influenced me for many years; they have taught me so much. Even today, I have some wonderful friends that influenced me to grow all the time, Robin said. That is where I met a lot of very caring nurses while there who were willing to train and teach me. I will always be grateful for that. I honestly believe that I have more mentors now that when I was in nursing school,” she added. Robin’s hobbies include cross-stitch, scrapbooking and spending time with her grand babies.
Robin has been married to her wonderful husband, James, for nineteen years. They have four kids, two grandchildren and soon to be daughter-in-law.
Summing up her life in three words, Robin said, “Never a dull moment.”