Back: Dalton Leatherman (l), Mark Legako (r) Front: Alyssa Jackson (l), Dusti Creecy (m), Maureen Myrvold (r).

On May 4, the St. Gregory’s University community gathered in the St. Gregory’s Abbey Church to honor its five senior nursing students in a pinning ceremony. The pin given to each student serves as a reminder to the nurses the overall purpose of their chosen career path – to care for the sick and vulnerable. The ceremony itself serves as a symbol of the important level of care and devotion nurses provide to their patients.
The pinning ceremony was a proud moment for the St. Gregory’s community.
“We have five of the most amazing, persistent, tenacious, intelligent and professional individuals on the verge of graduation as the first traditional nursing class of St. Gregory’s School of Nursing. What an honor and a privilege it has been to be part of their journey,” said Dean of the School of Nursing, Dr. Susan Barnes. “This journey has not been limited to nursing faculty, but has been the result of the entire St. Gregory’s community. Whether anatomy or art, math or micro, theology or ethics, faculty from all across the ranks at St. Gregory’s pulled together and contributed to the formation of these students.”
Keynote speaker Cyndi Lepley, RN, Ph.D., offered students great deal of encouragement as they prepare for this next chapter in their lives.
“You are now ready to take on the ……the career and work life of a nurse. I was thinking just the other day, when a new person comes on board in a new job and joins a team of people who have been together for a while, the new person needs attention,” said Lepley. “You may be worried about this, but, believe me, we are so happy you are here; we have needed you for so long. Let us care for you as we have cared for our patients in the past, so that you can care for your patients, wherever they are from, using a heart-centered approach.”
The pin for St. Gregory’s nursing program represents the uniqueness of the program itself. The pin was inspired by a window in the chapel of St. Gregory’s Abbey that depicts a lamp with rays of light extending beyond the borders of the art. The philosophy of the nursing program – think, do love – is captured around the perimeter with the pin. The center of the pin is marked with a diamond, which symbolizes the enduring meaning of light, truth and a life of service.