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Neuropathy Clinic Renewing Quality of Life for Oklahoma Seniors

Nerve Renewal Neuropathy Clinic is located at 3705 NW 63rd Street, Suite 101 in Oklahoma City. Pictured left to right; Tim Bales, Owner; Glenn Cope, Chief Operating Officer; Lea Scoglietti, Nurse Practitioner; Lisa Smith, Personal Service Representative; Kirstein Montoya, Medical Assistant, and Krystal Kerry, Medical Assistant.

Story and photo Van Mitchell, Contributing Writer

An estimated 20 million Americans are living with chronic pain due to neuropathy

At Nerve Renewal Neuropathy Clinic located at 3705 NW 63rd Street, Suite 101 in Oklahoma City, they help Oklahomans renew their quality of life through proven nerve pain treatments that provide safe and effective relief.
Clinic hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday.
“At Nerve Renewal, we are on a mission to help Oklahomans renew their quality of life through established nerve pain treatments that provide safe and effective relief,” said Tim Bales, owner of Nerve Renewal Neuropathy Clinic. “Our prominent clients are seniors. They have some sort of pain, mainly neuropathy, and they are looking for some kind of relief from that pain or more feeling in their extremities.”
Peripheral Neuropathy is a disorder of the peripheral nerves, which connect the spinal cord to the muscles, skin, and internal organs in our bodies.
Neuropathy usually affects the hands and feet, and causes weakness, numbness, tingling and pain. (story continues below)

Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner Needed

Patients may also report burning sensations, leg cramps, loss of balance, muscle weakness, and sensitivity to touch.
Neuropathy may come and go, progress over time, or even become severe and debilitating. Left untreated, it can lead to the loss of fingers, toes, and even limbs.
Each year, over 86,000 Americans undergo amputations as a result of uncontrolled neuropathy. However, if diagnosed early, peripheral neuropathy can often be treated.
Bales said while there is no cure for neuropathy, over 80 percent of patients report a significant reduction in pain after treatments. They can also enjoy better sleep due to reduced pain and recover more quickly from knee and hip surgery.
“Rather than masking your pain with medication, that can cause very undesirable side effects, as well as creating a long-term dependence on them, our staff of medical professionals will address the symptoms of neuropathy at the source with a non-invasive, drug-free form of therapy that combines injections of pharmaceutical-grade nutrient blend with electroanalgesia to provide relief from your symptoms,” he said. “Usually, treatments take between 16 and 24 treatments. Those vitamin injections really help the healing.”
Neuropathy has many different causes. The most common metabolic cause are patients with diabetes. Nearly 60 percent of all patients with diabetes develop neuropathy. This can commonly present as pain, numbness, swelling, burning, tingling, sleepless nights, balance issues.
Other causes of neuropathy include: chemotherapy, alcoholism, drugs/prescription medications; battlefield toxins, industrial toxins, vitamin deficiencies, acute physical trauma, and post-surgical pain.
Traditional neuropathy treatments, such as surgery and strong pain medications, can have a severe impact on patients’ long-term health.
Bales said Nerve Renewal Neuropathy Clinic takes a different approach, using established Electroanalgesia (EA) treatments to reduce pain without the drawbacks of invasive procedures or addictive medications.
EA works by delivering exact dosages of electrical stimulation to peripheral nerves. These high frequencies can decrease the ability of the affected nerves to transmit pain, which brings relief and healing. There is no opioid drowsiness, addiction concerns, or side effects.
“This non-evasive, drug-free form of technology is one of the oldest and most documented forms of medical science,” said Glenn Cope, Chief Operating Officer with Nerve Renewal Neuropathy Clinic. “Patients don’t feel trapped by pain. They are able to move and get exercise, leading to healthier outcomes for all other medical treatments.”
Cope said controlled research studies have shown that most patients find long-term relief from neuropathy after receiving Nerve Renewal Neuropathy Clinic’s specific treatment.
Bales said once the initial treatment is completed, patients then return every two weeks for follow-up care.
“Once you get to that threshold, there is maintenance,” he said. “You come back every two weeks, and it (helps) keep you where you are.”
Bales said their customers have requested adding Friday openings to their clinic hours, and he said that is something they are considering.
Cope said they are opening several other Nerve Renewal Neuropathy Clinics throughout the Oklahoma City metropolitan area.
“They (patients) aren’t crazy about driving a long way so we are building additional locations so it will be easier for them to get to places in town closer to them,” Cope said. “We are doing southwest Oklahoma City, just south of Oklahoma City Community College, Midwest City and Norman.”
Bales said the treatments are covered by most insurances.
“These established treatments are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, VA, and most medical insurance companies, so you can focus on enjoying life again,” he said.
For more information about Nerve Renewal Neuropathy Clinic call (405) 495-9270 or visit www.nerverenewalnow.com.