Stavros Hall at Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee, Ok.

The College of Nursing at Oklahoma Baptist University was founded in 1952, offering the first collegiate baccalaureate nursing program in the state of Oklahoma. Graduates from the OBU College of Nursing boast a 100% or near 100% passage rate on the NCLEX, year in and year out. OBU nursing graduates are in demand, not only for their clinical experience, academic knowledge, professionalism, and skilled expertise, but also for the care and compassion they bring to work each and every day. (story continues below)

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The OBU nursing faculty provide students with a high-quality curriculum that is contemporary, relevant and meets the ever-changing needs of our health-care environment. The University remains committed to a faith-based, excellence-driven, mission-purposed and community-directed nursing education. Be a Future Shaper in the OBU College of Nursing and help change the world, one patient at a time.
Stavros Hall
The OBU College of Nursing resides inside Jane E. and Nick K. Stavros Hall, a 32,000-square-foot facility designed to provide cutting-edge nursing education for both undergraduate and graduate-level students. Opened in 2016, it is located on the northeast corner of the OBU campus in Shawnee. The facility features six high-fidelity skills simulation labs, a medium skills lab, a health assessment skills lab, and a home health and bathing training room, totaling 24 beds. The high-tech simulation labs are equipped with the industry’s most advanced medical simulation solutions, providing students with realistic training scenarios for their future nursing careers.
Stavros Hall includes five classrooms, a 109-seat lecture hall and computer lab, as well as spaces for students to study, meet and interact with faculty. It features multiple skills and simulation labs equipped with video recording technology, allowing instructors to interact with nursing students during procedures. With full control of the state-of-the-art human simulators, instructors train future nurses to expect the unexpected and react with life-saving speed to evolving situations in real-time. The video technology allows instructors to offer the best possible feedback to students, as they review the scenario together following each simulation.
World-Class Education on Bison Hill
An OBU education will transform your heart and mind so you can engage with purpose, compassion and confidence in the world for good and for the glory of God. OBU will prepare you to face the challenges of a rapidly changing world and workplace. You will be encouraged to go beyond and reach higher than you ever thought possible, approaching everything you do with excellence.
Your OBU journey will help you discover who you are, your passions and your purpose in life. Every subject is explored through a Christian worldview. Faith and knowledge blend together harmoniously to develop critical and analytical thinkers who can write, speak and communicate clearly, persuasively and with confidence.
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