Technology offers residents fast, easy access to a physician 24/7

Since cold and flu season is upon us, AllianceHealth Oklahoma is offering a faster and easier way to see a doctor for non-emergency health conditions. The innovative service, called VirtualHealthNow, lets Oklahomans video visit with a doctor, anytime, anywhere via a mobile device, computer or tablet.
Angel B. recently utilized the service and provided this testimonial:
“I received an email about VirtualHealthNow and decided to sign up. I thought I would use it for my son one day, but had no idea that I would end up using it for myself so soon. Late one evening I started experiencing pain with an onset of nausea. As it got worse, I remembered I had this app on my phone and I quickly called VirtualHealthNow. I was very impressed with how easy it was to connect and get professional help that could have potentially saved my life. The doctor advised that I go the ER, which quickly diagnosed me with acute appendicitis and scheduled emergency surgery. I am very pleased with VirtualHealthNow and recommend this service to everyone!” The online service can be accessed from a free app called VirtualHealthNow downloaded from Google Play or the App Store, or on the web at
VirtualHealthNow is intended for patients who have an urgent need to see a physician for minor health concerns like sinus problems, fever, ear infections, cold and flu symptoms, allergies, migraines, stomach pain, and much more. The doctor will evaluate and diagnose the patient, and if appropriate, send prescriptions to the pharmacy—just like an in-office doctor’s appointment.