by Vickie Jenkins, Staff Writer

Dr. Michael Crawford, MD is an internal medicine specialist in Oklahoma City, OK. He has been practicing for 33 years. He has a very special nurse working for him; someone that has been with him for years, seeing eye-to-eye on things, most of the time, this special nurse goes by the name of Carolyn Crawford, RN, BSN. Not only is she his nurse, she is also his wife.
Born in Chicago, Carolyn’s family moved to Oklahoma City, OK when she was five years old, and she has lived here ever since. She attended Putnam City Original high school and went to nursing school at OU. Carolyn has been a nurse for forty-one years. “In school, I always enjoyed the Health Science classes, Biology and Math. My mother was an LPN for years so I grew up thinking I would go into the medical field, even though when I was little, my real desire was to be a secretary. My mother influenced me to be a nurse and that is when nursing began to look a little more appealing,” she said with a laugh. “I’m glad I listened to her because I can’t imagine doing anything else. I love being a nurse,” she added.
“My first job as a nurse was when I worked at OU Medical Center in the ICU and I continued to work there for a few years. Dr. Crawford was working at Mercy and it was shortly afterwards that he decided to branch out on his own and I decided to work for my husband. The plan was that I would work for him for several years. As you can tell, that plan didn’t work very well because here it is eighteen years later and I’m still here. It works out great for the two of us,” Carolyn commented.
Asking Carolyn what her favorite part of her job is, she replied, “I like the fact that I get to work with some very nice patients and really get to know them. We have some patients that have been coming to see us for years. We get to watch our patients grow with us, helping them with their health issues along the way,” she replied.
The biggest asset that Carolyn has is her experience as a nurse. “If a patient calls and has a question that they are not sure of, I can always get back to them right away. There are quite a few doctors’ offices when you call with a question, it could be a few days before you hear back. Our patients like the quick replies,” she commented.
It is easy to see why Carolyn is such an excellent nurse. Always a smile and soft spoken voice, she likes helping others in a positive way. “I want the best for all of our patients,” she said. Carolyn stays busy as the office manager, along with overseeing the nurses in their duties. The caring doesn’t stop there though. Dr. Crawford and Carolyn make home visits when the patient isn’t able to be seen in the office. “That is something we feel led to do,” she said. “We will travel to the patient’s homes or go to nursing homes or travel wherever we are needed. We traveled to Newcastle a few days ago. We love our patients and will go the extra mile to make sure they have the utmost care,” she added. “Patients appreciate that.”
What advice would you give to someone going into the medical field? “I would tell them that being a nurse is a rewarding job. It’s a good field to be in and there are so many different areas and opportunities that someone can go into. I am so glad that I became a nurse and still love the rewards and the challenges but most of all, I enjoy caring for the patients,” she replied.
Dr. Crawford and Carolyn have three grown children and four grandchildren with two more on the way. (Both daughters are due at the same time) “We both enjoy spending time with all the grandchildren,” Carolyn said.
Carolyn’s hobbies include gardening, reading, Zumba and yoga. “I really enjoy Zumba and yoga. I think my favorite is Zumba!”
Asking Carolyn to sum up her life in one word, she replied, “I feel so blessed. I have a good family, a great job, good health, wonderful friends; I am so blessed with everything. Summing up my life in one word? “BLESSED.”

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