Erica Arrocha, RN, BSN is Team Manager in the ICU at Integris Deaconess Hospital. Erica has been blessed with the gift of kindness.

by Vickie Jenkins, Staff Writer

Erica Arrocha, RN, BSN is the team manager in the ICU at Integris Deaconess Hospital. Erica has been a nurse for seventeen years and has worked in ICU from the beginning. “Patient care is absolutely my passion and I love being there for my patients and my patients’ families.” Erica said. “Sometimes, working in ICU, we definitely have to deal with very difficult situations and I feel like God has blessed me with a gift to be able to have those conversations with my patients and their family members.”
Asking Erica what her favorite part of her job is, she replied, “That would be patient care. When I explain and educate the patient, they are more willing to participate if they know the why of why we are doing what we do. It is a true blessing to deal with the patients and their needs.”
What is your biggest challenge? “I wouldn’t say it is necessarily a challenge but more of a passion of mine; I impart my knowledge to our new grads and new nurses to help them grow in their nursing profession,” Erica replied. “It is nice to be able to help out a new nurse if they run into a situation that needs my help. It’s all part of learning,” Erica added.
What did you want to be when you were little? “I wanted to be a vet but my father said ‘No, I don’t think so’ and suggested that I be a nurse,”’ Erica said with a laugh. “I do love animals but a vet? I’m certainly glad that my father persuaded me to be a nurse,” she added. “I also had an aunt that was a nurse so I am sure that she influenced me a little too.”
There were several people that stood out to Erica, not so much during school but after she became a nurse. “One important person that I looked up to was Michelle Engles. She was actually the manager here at Integris Deaconess back then and was the one that hired me. She was always so helpful to me. Also, one of the day shift lead nurses that I worked with and looked up to was Darren Dinnington. He is at Oklahoma Heart Hospital and he was a big help to me,” Erica commented.
Asking Erica what qualities make a good nurse, she replied, “It takes quite a few qualities to make a good nurse and they are usually qualities that come natural to that person. In my opinion, the number one quality is kindness. I also think that a nurse needs to have medical knowledge and be able to continue on learning and educating, never stopping. They need to be flexible, mentally not physically,” she said with a laugh. “Of course, physically doesn’t hurt either.”
Erica’s advice for someone going into the medical field? Put their self in the patient or the patient’s position and try to understand what they are going through. “Since I have been here for seventeen years, I have run into tons of experiences. When a new nurse runs into the same situation for the first time, I feel like I can bring a wealth of knowledge to them, regarding the facility, and the situation. At the same time, educating myself with the latest new practices and studies and sticking with it,” Erica commented.
One of Erica’s qualities here in ICU is relating the patients in a special way. “If the patient is unable to speak and cannot carry on a conversation, due to be ventilated, I can read into their facial expressions and body language.”
Asking Erica to describe herself, she said, “I always try to be a kind person and smile a lot. I feel like a smile is a very disarming quality, helping others feel relaxed. I have been married to my wonderful husband, Reuben for twenty-two years. We have four dogs, three pit-bull mix, and one Australian shepherd; Duke, Laxi, Jake and Hope. My hobbies include, running, working out, reading, scuba diving, traveling, especially to the beach!”
Erica’s recognitions include: Nurse of the Year for 2019, Board member of AACN, Nurse Exemplar and Daisy Award. “I feel honored to work here at Integris Deaconess Hospital,” Erica said. “We believe in teamwork and I work with great co-workers. The physicians here are outstanding; some of the best in the city,” she added.
Asking Erica how she would sum up her life in one word, she replied, “BLESSED.”



In conjunction with the Medical Director, the DON ensures that resident care objectives are established and
met and the standards, policies, and procedures of the Department of Nursing Services are consistent with the standards,
policies and procedures of the facility, our Principals of Respect and Statement of Commitment, and current standards of care and practice.
The DON’s job is multifaceted to promote and include a focus on resident’s quality of life issues while ensuring optimal quality of care is delivered to each resident.

· Oklahoma State RN license required
· 2 years experience in direct resident care preferred.

Please contact: Mary Peacock, Administrator at 405-341-0810

Bradford Village 906 North Blvd Street. Edmond, Oklahoma 73034