Jana Brauer, RN is a Charge Nurse at Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City South. Being a nurse for thirty-eight years, technology has changed but the love of caring for patients is still strong and alive for Jana.

Vickie Jenkins, Staff Writer

“Oklahoma Heart Hospital and Mercy have demonstrated a successful partnership in north Oklahoma City,” said Peggy Tipton, chief operating officer for Oklahoma Heart Hospital. “We are excited to expand our partnership and offer patients in south Oklahoma City a wider range of health care services.”
Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City South is the new addition to Oklahoma Heart Hospital, offering Outpatient imaging-X-ray, ultrasound, CT scan, MRI and mammography, Inpatient care, Inpatient pharmacy, Inpatient and outpatient surgery, Inpatient and outpatient GI-endoscopy, suites, Cancer clinic, Cancer infusion, Lab draw, and Chapel. (story continued below)

Great opportunity to work with us with excellent benefits, including great employer matching 401K,
Tuition Reimbursement, Christmas bonus and the opportunity for quarterly bonuses!
Nursing Leadership Opportunities:
· System Chief Nursing Officer
· Administrative Director, Revenue Cycle Management
· RN Lead, Preop/PACU, NW Surgical Hospital
· RN Lead Circulator, NW Surgical Hospital
· RN Manager, Case Management
· RN Director of Education
South Campus:
· RN Med-Surg, FT Night $10,000 SIGNING BONUS TEXT RNMSPM TO 22100
· RN Circulator, FT $10,000 SIGNING BONUS TEXT SURGRN TO 22100
· RN Quality Improvement Specialist, FT
· RN Circulator Intern, FT
· RN Pre Post/Minor Procedures, FT
· RN Pre Op/Phase II Recovery, FT
· RN Pain & GI, FT & PRN
North Campus:
· RN Med-Surg, FT Night $10,000 SIGNING BONUS TEXT RNMSPM TO 22100
· RN Med-Surg, PRIME Weekend, FT
· RN Circulator, FT $10,000 SIGNING BONUS TEXT SURGRN TO 22100
· RN Circulator PRIME Midshift, FT
· RN Circulator Intern, FT
· RN Pre Op/Phase II Recovery, FT
· RN Med-Surg, PRN Days
Northwest Surgical Hospital:
· RN Circulator, FT $10,000 SIGNING BONUS TEXT SURGRN TO 22100
· RN Med-Surg, PRN Days
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There are some people that have a perfect fit as far as their job goes. It’s as though they are drawn to their area of expertise; a real desire to care for others. This is the case for Jana Brauer, BSN, RN, Charge Nurse. “I wanted to be a nurse as long as I can remember,” she said. “My first job that I had was a Nursing Assistant at Jane Phillips Hospital in Bartlesville, OK. When I graduated from OU College of Nursing, I worked at OUMC in the ICU. Working with patients that were critically ill was very rewarding and pushed me to learn even more,” Jana commented.
Over the years, Jana worked in different areas of the hospital. “I worked in Med/Surg, ICU, OR, Critical Care Float Pool, Home Health, Case Management and Nurse Management. My favorite has always been anything at the bedside,” she said.
As a nurse, what is your biggest reward? “I enjoy caring for the patients and the fact that I am helping them get better. I want to take care of them in the best way that I can. I treat them like I want to be treated. The biggest challenge is time management. That is something that is hard to avoid. I try to prioritize my time and that seems to make things run a lot smoother,” Jana said. “Staying organized is very helpful,” she added. Overall, Jana is a very compassionate person, looking for the best in each person. Her number one hobby is watching sports. “I love watching all kinds of sports,” she said with a smile.
Asking Jana what advice she would give to someone wanting to go into the medical field, she replied, “I would tell them that nursing is one of the most rewarding careers they could go into. There are so many different areas they can choose from, and they should decide what is the right fit for them. When they find their niche, they will know it. I would also tell them to never stop learning. Technology has changed so much over the years. The biggest improvement is probably the nursing documentation. I have been a nurse for over thirty years and there is so much more documentation required now. Computers are definitely a must for nursing. Can you image not having the latest technology?”
Do you have any family members in the medical field? “I am very proud to say that I have two nieces that are RN’s,” Jana said with a smile. “One niece is in Texas and the other one is in Arkansas,” she added.
What qualities make a good nurse? “I think a nurse needs to have plenty of patience, be very compassionate to others, be well organized, and have plenty of respect and integrity. I am blessed to work with wonderful co-workers who support each other and lift each other up. Teamwork is so important in the medical field.”
How has the Coronavirus affected your life? “Screening and visitor limitations continue in the new hospital as well as masking requirements. In order to best serve in the community, Mercy strongly encourages everyone to continue following the basic three W’s – wash your hands, wear a face covering and watch your distance of six feet,” Jana replied. “We must all be cautious about our surroundings and follow the rules that we are given. It takes all of us to fight the coronavirus,” she added.
“Like everyone else, COVID-19 has changed our lives like we have never seen before. Here at the hospital, we are careful to take every precaution to protect the patients and ourselves. We wear masks always and wash our hands constantly. Everyone has their temperature checked before they enter the hospital. Hopefully, things will get better soon but until then, we will continue to care for our patients and our families in the best way that we can,” Jana explained.