Working at Mercy Clinic Surgery/Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery, Claudia Trejo helps patients get through their challenges

Vickie Jenkins, Staff Writer

Located in NW OKC is the Coletta Building. In 2016, it was the first facility in the Oklahoma City metro area to combine all cancer and breast services under one roof. Separate from the rest of the hospital, the Center is a private environment for treatment sessions, genetic counseling and cancer risk assessments.
Mercy Clinic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Oklahoma City specializes in a broad range of plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries and treatments.
Claudia Trejo is a Registered Certified Medical Assistant, working at Mercy Clinic Specialty Surgery/Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery and has worked here for six years. She has been a Medical Assistant for fifteen years. “I love my job and wouldn’t want to do anything else,” Claudia commented. “I like working here for several reasons; I wanted to do something in my career that is challenging, interesting and makes a difference in peoples lives daily. In the nursing profession, I deal with many aspects of patient care and I enjoy the variety in the routine. I love the person connection that I make with the patients. Most people may not always remember a nurses’ name but they will always remember the way they were treated. If they were kind and compassionate to the patients and their families and helping them through what is often a difficult time for them is extremely satisfying for me,” she added.
Overall, Claudia has a busy day, every day. “I see about three hundred to four hundred patients a month. I admit that sometimes, the days can be hectic and crazy at times. No matter what, everything works out. I love my work family here at Mercy Clinic Specialty Surgery. We support each other in the good and the bad times, which can be expected working in the medical field.”
“Born and raised in San Juan Texas, my family moved the Gainesville, Georgia. When I relocated to Oklahoma as a teenager, I went to nursing school at Platt College for Medical Assisted training. I have lived in Oklahoma for the past twenty-six years. When I was little, I didn’t really have a set plan of what kind of career I wanted. I did make frequent visits to the hospital where my mother worked as a CNA and I witnessed my mother always caring for children that had mentally delayed conditions or major disabilities. I enjoyed visiting with children that were close to my age and I remember wondering how I could help them. I suppose there was a hidden meaning behind the sad eyes of those children I met; that message was to gain knowledge to care for others. It brings a sense of humbleness to me and I am forever proud to continue my lifetime of care,” Claudia explained.
“My first job as a nurse was at an extremely busy family practice clinic. After that, I worked in Endocrinology and currently Breast Surgical Oncology and Plastics, Reconstruction.”
Asking Claudia what qualities make a good nurse, she replied, “First and foremost the genuine compassion and empathy for those that are ill. Secondly, always making sure to start the day with a grateful and happy heart so I can make my day more worthwhile.”
What is your biggest reward with your job? “I feel like I get the biggest reward out of my work,” Claudia said. “Seeing the smiles I get from my patients is very rewarding. They tell me they are thankful for the help that I have provided, I become more thankful and know that it is a God given profession designed just for me.”
What is your biggest challenge? “Having anyone struggle with cancer and the many roadblocks they face. Those challenges are life changing for each patient and how they decide to handle it whether positively or negatively impacts me on a personal level. I want all of m patients to feel unstoppable and have the notion they can conquer and overcome.”
Claudia considers herself a leader. “I try to think positive, setting a good example for those around me. I simply wake up with a grateful heart, banking on the many times during the day that I will make a difference. Honestly, we can all stand to be challenged every now and then so we can strive for a better God driven life. I try to remain upbeat and I am always eager to learn,” Claudia said.
Asking Claudia to sum up her life in two words, she said, “Inspire and electrify.”