Chase Ellis, RN enjoys his job at Oklahoma Center for Orthopedic and Multi-Specialty Surgery. (OCOM) With a smile and positive attitude, Chase is just the right person to put the patient at ease before their surgery.

by Vickie Jenkins – Writer/Photographer

Oklahoma Center for Orthopedic and Multi-Specialty Surgery North (OCOM) includes three operating rooms and has the following specialties currently utilizing the center: Oral Surgery, GYN, Orthopedics, General Surgery, Ophthalmology, Podiatry, Pain Management, Plastics and Urology. –OCOM-
Chase Ellis, RN has been in the medical field for ten years, spending those years working at OCOM. Chase works in pre-op, the operating room or recovery. “When I was in high school, I had a fascination about the medical field and I had a desire to become a PA, specializing in orthopedics. Looking to making the medical field my career, I had a full time job, and I worked my way through medical school. Afterwards, I started out as a Scrub Tech here at OCOM and liked it so much; I wanted to further my education. I went to nursing school and became an RN. My dream is to run an OR like this; in a small facility. I feel that I could manage an OR well, due to my experience of working in every area,” he added.
“Here at OCOM, we focus on outpatient surgeries. A lot of the patients prefer a smaller surgery center over a big hospital,” Chase said. Asking what Chase thought his best quality was at work, he replied, “Being well rounded; I have worked in different areas here and have seen a lot of different angles to the job. I started in pre-op and did circulation, the OR and recovery. One of the biggest rewards here is knowing that I helped the patient’s day run smoother and they leave here having a good experience.”
On most days, there are usually four different surgeons at OCOM. Depending on the schedule, there are usually two to three surgeries done in a day. We usually work eight hour days but that can change at the last minute. Depending on the schedule, sometimes, we work twelve hours. A typical day for Chase begins by arriving at least an hour before the first scheduled surgery. “I open the OR, making sure all of the medical supplies are ready. I interview the patient in pre-op, answering any questions they might have. The patients are usually pretty nervous so I always try to make it a point to say something to make them smile. It eases their tension a little. After they go to the OR, I will be there to assist with anything that is needed by the doctors. When the patient is finished with surgery, I take them to recovery,” Chase commented.
“My favorite part of my job is seeing and learning about all of the different procedures. It is a good feeling knowing that I have helped someone in a big way, improving the quality of their life. If someone comes in with a bad knee, they have the surgery and it is nice to see them come back for follow-up visits, and then, the patients are as active as before or more active than they were,” he added. “On the other hand, my biggest challenge comes with the same problems other jobs have; the dynamics of the lack of communication with the patient. We are pretty good about communication here though. An excellent quality here is teamwork. Everyone here is willing to help the other person. Even though OCOM is a small surgery center and I like the feel of a small facility over a big hospital. It’s like a big, happy family environment,” Chases remarked.
Adding a little personal information, I asked Chase to describe himself. “To tell you the truth, I am a little goofy. I try to make people laugh, especially before they go back to go to surgery. Of course, it is all in good taste. This always seems to work!”
Growing up in Oklahoma, when Chase was a little boy, he wanted to be a professional skier, snow skiing that is. “I was pretty good and I still love to ski. Of course, that involves traveling. I usually go to Colorado but I haven’t been back for about three years now. Snow skiing is still one of my favorite things to do. I also like to play video games. I love to spend time with my family; my wife, Sara and my two sons; Carter, four years old and Bodhi, ten months old. Quality time is very important to me. We also have two dogs, which we enjoy taking on walks, one cat and several fish.”
Asking Chase to sum up his life in one word, he replied, “Happy.”

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