Teresa Zachary, RN is Lead Internal Quality Auditor at LifeShare, Transplant Donor Services of Oklahoma where time is of the essence.

Vickie Jenkins, Staff Writer

The waiting list continues to grow, every 10 minutes another name is added to the list. Every day 22 Americans die waiting for an organ transplant. With the critical need for transplants, it is crucial that the Foundation be able to continuously support LifeShare鈥檚 efforts. (Story continues below)

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With funds received from our development programs, the LifeShare Foundation supports the activities and initiatives of LifeShare to help save more lives through donation.
The focus of the Foundation鈥檚 programs center around; awareness of organ, eye and tissue donation, support of transplant recipients, including those waiting, and donor families, and research in donation. -LifeShare-
Working at LifeShare means that teamwork is very important; everyone working together. Everyone has to pull their weight in each crucial moment, a genuine caring from the heart, doing the best way they know how. One extraordinary nurse is Teresa Zachary, RN, Lead Internal Quality Auditor. Teresa has been a nurse for thirteen years.
Growing up in Midwest City, OK, Teresa was surrounded by several relatives in the medical field; her mother and her sister, along with her grandmother and grandfather. Teresa always thought she would grow up and be a nurse.
Teresa attended the University of Oklahoma School of Nursing. She had two mentors at that time; her mother and one of her professors, Barb Schrage. 鈥淢y mother was always my biggest supporter. I learned a lot from my mother and my professor and they were always there for me when needed. Nurses are so caring. To me, nursing is a passion and a calling to improve the quality of life for patients. LifeShare is an exceptional organization whose mission and strategic anchors resonate with every employee. I truly have a job that is beyond rewards,鈥 she explained.
Since you are an RN Lead Internal Quality Auditor, what are your responsibilities? 鈥淚 facilitate and conduct audits to ensure compliance with policies, governments, regulations, and federal and state law,鈥 Teresa stated. 鈥淢y first job was a nurse in ICU. I鈥檝e been at LifeShare for three years now.鈥
Asking Teresa what advice she would give to someone entering nursing school, she replied, 鈥漈here will be very difficult situations you will encounter during clinicals and throughout your nursing career. Never be afraid to ask questions, you will never know everything! When I was in nursing school, I was overwhelmed with the amount of information and workload. I learned how to prioritize and set boundaries for my time. Time became such a precious commodity during nursing school. Just always remember that healthcare can be a very demanding stressful atmosphere. Remember to take time to care for yourself,鈥 she added.
What qualities make a good nurse? 鈥淎 nurse needs to be compassionate, caring, paying close attention to detail, willingness to learn, be a team player and have a great sense of humor,鈥 she answered. 鈥淎ll of the nurses at LifeShare seem to possess all of these qualities,鈥 she said.
What makes a good leader, especially working at LifeShare? 鈥淚 think a good leader is a person that is accountable to their peers and someone is an active listener,鈥 Teresa replied.
What is the favorite part of your job? 鈥淏eing part of an amazing organization, whose core purpose is to save lives,鈥 Teresa said. 鈥淭here has been 137 donors since the beginning of the year,鈥 she added.
When asking Teresa if she had received any awards or recognitions over the years, she replied, 鈥淚鈥檓 sure I have over the years but that is not important to me. I measure my awards by knowing that I am doing my best to take care of my patients and their families. Each kind gesture that is returned to me is an award in itself. I wouldn鈥檛 want it any other way. As far as where I see myself in five years? I plan on being here. LifeShare is truly an amazing company.鈥
A little information about Teresa鈥he says that the life of a nurse never has a typical day. At work, each day has its share of surprises. Teresa likes spoiling her three dogs; Winston, a great Pyrenees, Olivia, a lab, and Finley, a shepherd mix. Teresa鈥檚 hobbies include quilting, baking and running because she likes to bake!
How has the pandemic affected you life at work and at home? 鈥淲ith all of the uncertainty in the world, the pandemic has taught me to count my blessings each day. I am truly blessed,鈥 Teresa said with a smile.