Jessica Stinebrickner, LPN is the Resident Care Coordinator of Assisted Living at Homestead of Bethany, where she finds her job very rewarding.

By Vickie Jenkins, Staff Writer

Homestead of Bethany offers assisted living in Bethany, Oklahoma. You or your loved one can receive the care you need while remaining as independent as possible. Their assisted living care is provided by friendly and experienced professionals.
Here at Homestead of Bethany, you will meet a very dedicated nurse; Jessica Stinebrickner, LPN. She is the Resident Care Coordinator of Assisted Living. Jessica started out when Homestead was known as Brookdale of Bethany in July of 2019. “Midwest-Health bought the community in December of 2019. That’s when I took a few months off in September 2020 to spend more time with my children but returned to work July 2021,” Jessica said. “I attended ICTC Tahlequah and became an LPN in 2013.” (story continues below)

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Growing up in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, Jessica had a desire to be a teacher when she was younger. “I worked at Boys and Girls Club after school and learned quickly that my love for children was best served but NOT in a classroom setting. “
Jessica was known to volunteer with different activities throughout the summers at the local nursing homes in Tahlequah. “I was always around geriatric patients and so when I completed the PN program my first job was at Grace Living Center in Tahlequah as a charge nurse,” she commented. ”I was trying to figure out what to do my sophomore year of college. At this point in my life, I was attending School at Northeastern State University and was on track for a degree in elementary education, I was at a stand still in life, and one of my cousins had completed the PN program at the Indian Capital Technology Center in Tahlequah. She told me to apply and I did.”
Jessica started out helping others when she was a little girl. “I played bingo with residents at Grace Living Center while my grandmother called out numbers. I remember being pushed up and down the hallways on people’s walkers and I remember giving everyone hugs and that feeling of being loved,” Jessica said with a smile.
“In middle school, I spent my summers assisting my grandmother taking care of my great grandmother. I will never forget ramming her electric scooter in the wall and my grandfather teaching me how to fix the wall,” Jessica said with a laugh. ”Throughout high school, I had a mad passion for educating people on the effects of tobacco and alcohol and vowed to never smoke.”
Jessica sees about ten patients per month according to the census of assisted living. Jessica considers herself a leader. She has the qualities of a professional nurse; Detail oriented and organization plays a very important part of being a nurse. She has the compassion, empathy and passion and tries to obtain a work life balance as much as possible.
Jessica knows that being a nurse is a very rewarding experience. “Every day the residents I care for sing praises of how well they are taken care of and how happy they are. This makes me so happy because being in Assisted Living, the residents have a choice of where they go and who takes care of them. I love the fact that they have chosen Homestead to be taken care of.”
Asking Jessica what advice she would give to someone wanting to go into the medical field, she replied, “When I was in school, my teacher was Ms. Renee Sherril and she was AMAZING! One of my best friends I met in nursing school is Catherine Harper. She has been a constant friend, being there for me since I became a nurse. My advice to a new graduate is to find an encouraging Catherine. Have a buddy that can help you through the hard days and someone who understands nursing and your feelings.”
Another person that inspired Jessica to be a nurse was her aunt, Debi Davis. “She was a single mom, worked as an LPN, got her BSN, then an NP. Her determination and drive has really inspired me throughout my career,” Jessica said.
Always reaching out to others, Jessica was a Fellow with the American Legacy Foundation and a board member back in 2013. She has done volunteer work through Delta Zeta, her college sorority. Also, she was a member of OKSWAT in high school and spoke throughout the country on the effects of tobacco. Helping others seems to come natural to Jessica.
When asking Jessica to sum up her life in three words, she replied, “Happy, Trying, Forward.”