Beth Gardner, RN serves as Nurse Manager at Hope Pregnancy Center, north OKC location. Hope Pregnancy Centers are a ministry of Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children.


by Vickie Jenkins – Writer/Photographer

Are you familiar with Hope Pregnancy Center? Hope Pregnancy Center is a place for women seeking help with an unplanned pregnancy. Hope has been helping women and men since 1986. Hope Pregnancy Center provides free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, classes on parenting, motherhood and fatherhood and abortion recovery services. All services are provided free of charge and totally confidential. The friendly staff and volunteers provide support for women who feel like they are going through their situation alone. Women and men are empowered with education on each pregnancy option to help them make an informed choice. Hope provides quality health services and cares for patients with respect and compassion. Hope Pregnancy Centers are a ministry of Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children.
Beth Gardner, RN, Nurse Manager at the north Oklahoma City center is an excellent nurse who gives women her undivided attention. Beth’s gentle voice and loving heart, along with the tender loving care she has for others shines through as she serves women and their families.
Beth grew up in Oklahoma City, OK and graduated from OCCC. “I love my job and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else,” she said. “I’ve been at Hope Pregnancy Center about two years,” she added. Beth said her typical day includes a little bit of everything. “I administer pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, set appointments and make follow up calls. I explain the many resources Hope has plus community resources such as WIC,” she said. Each Hope Pregnancy Center is served by a Nurse Manager who is on staff with volunteer nurses. There are 5 volunteer nurses serving at the north location.
When asked what she had learned at Hope, Beth said, “We see people of every description; from those who are ‘of means’ to those in poverty, from teenagers to women in their 40’s, and people from ethnic backgrounds. No matter whom they are or what their background is, we treat everyone with respect, love and compassion.”
When asked who had an influence on her to become a nurse, Beth replied, “Actually, when I went to school, I got a degree in psychology. Then, in 2002, I decided to explore nursing. I realized nursing was something that I really wanted to do and I felt a real calling from God to continue on. I know that I am supposed to be here at Hope Pregnancy Center.”
When not working, Beth enjoys spending time with her husband and her son, Dylan, 7 years old. Beth is pregnant with her second child, a baby girl due in 2 weeks.
Beth describes the qualities of a good nurse. “A nurse has to be compassionate and a great listener. They have to have critical thinking skills at all times. I also think it takes a special kind of person to be a nurse and they have to have a real desire to love and care for others,” she said.
“I love the ministry aspect of the work at Hope. Sometimes, I get to share my faith with others and parts of my own story. Hearing about God’s love and care for us encourages me and I love the opportunities to share that encouragement with others,” she replied. Being a ministry of Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children, staff and volunteers are free to share their faith to encourage and offer hope to those they serve.
Hope Pregnancy Center has five locations in Oklahoma: north OKC, Edmond, south OKC, Ardmore and Tulsa. Beth works at the center located at 10327 N. May, in north OKC. If you have any questions or are interested in volunteer opportunities, call 405-342-0555; visit their website at or Facebook page at Partners for Hope OK.

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