Caring for the residents/patients at Glade Avenue Assisted Living is Kyla Fodje, LPN. The sincere love and compassion is apparent.

By Vickie Jenkins, Staff Writer

Tucked away in a quiet neighborhood in Bethany, OK is Glade Avenue Assisted Living. Among the professional staff, is Kyla Fodje, LPN. “I enjoy working here. I have always been drawn to helping others and I can relate to our residents so well,” Kyla said.
Kyla graduated from Francis Tuttle School of Technology, getting her nursing degree. She has worked at Glade Avenue for three years. When talking to Kyla, she mentioned some important people while in nursing school; two instructors that she looked up to. “My mentors were Mrs. Peterson, Mrs. George and a very good nurse friend of mine, Jennifer. They helped me through some of the toughest times,” Kyla said. (story continues below)


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Growing up in Northwest OKC, Kyla wanted to be a massage therapist. Looking to the future, Kyla plans on continuing her education to make that dream come true. “Before becoming a nurse, I was a CNA for ten years and an Advanced Certified Medication Aide for four years. I think being a nurse and being in the medical field is the perfect job for me,” she commented.
Kyla’s typical day at work includes patient care and tending to every need. Kyla sees about sixty residents/patients a month. “Recently, my residents have enjoyed me giving them massages in my spare time to decrease their pain. It is very comforting to both of us knowing that I am helping them feel better.”
What advice would you give to someone going into the medical field? “I would tell them to always be open to learn new things and leave work at work. When we care for people, it’s easy to take work home with us but do what you can and don’t be hard on yourself. Give yourself time to be with your family.”
Asking Kyla what her biggest reward as a nurse is, she replied, “The biggest reward as a nurse to me is the fact that I am helping others and working together as a team to make a difference in our residents lives; especially since with Covid 19, we were all residents since we were all on lockdown.’’
What is your biggest challenge in nursing? “The biggest challenge is getting out of my comfort zone and trusting myself enough to use my nursing judgement in critical situations,” Kyla replied. “The residents and patients are depending on us,” she added.
“My mother was the reason I actually got into the medical field. She told me it was God’s Work. It was my mother and my husband that kept me going, encouraging me all the way. They were very supportive of me. Ever since I started taking care of people, I found that my patience and willingness to help others has grown and continues to grow. When my mother got sick in 2016, I felt helpless and there wasn’t much of anything I could do to help her; she ended up passing away. That is when I realized nursing was my calling and I had a deep desire to be there for someone; that is when I knew I would be a nurse,” Kyla explained.
Kyla possesses all of the top qualities of a nurse; “Time management is a big one,” Kyla said. “Compassion and being able to build a trust with the residents is very important. Continuing education opens the doors to many opportunities. With medical technology changing all the time, there is always something new to discover,” Kyla commented.
Kyla considers herself a leader. “I am definitely a leader. I will always stand up and speak for what is right. I lead by actions, not just words,” Kyla said with a smile.
A little about Kyla? Kyla is married and a mother to two sons, Jordan and Joel, Jr. “My family comes first. I love Jesus and making a difference in my community. I volunteer at churches, helping with yard work or kids services. My goals in life are very important to me and being able to give my children the life I never had. My husband and I are very family oriented. We are both nurses and want to create opportunities for people that come from low income families. One day, we hope to open our own free clinic to help minorities get in school, find work and get help with mental health issues. I want to be remembered for helping others and showing kindness in a hurting world,” Kyla stated.
Summing up her life in three words, Kyla said, “Love Conquers all.”
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