Christina Schreck instills love and support wherever she goes as an LPN at The Wilshire Skilled Nursing and Therapy.

by James Coburn – staff writer

Christina Schreck wanted to become a nun or a truck driver when she was growing up. She is a single mother who has always been a caregiver. Nursing is a profession that she is naturally drawn to. As an LPN, she found her home at The Wilshire Skilled Nursing and Therapy, located in Oklahoma City.
“I’m good at it, and this is something I will always be in demand for,” she said. “There is not one person in this residence that I don’t love or know or hug.”
She finds it very important to be uplifting and supporting others as their extended family. Schreck likes getting to know her residents at The Wilshire Skilled Nursing and Therapy.
“I think that’s important for them to have because we are family,” Schreck said. “A lot of them don’t have family that come visit them. So, it’s important if they want a Heath bar. It was somebody’s birthday the other day and she likes chocolate covered donuts. Deborah likes to dance. There’s one here, Danny, he likes his whirlpool three times a week. It’s important to know the details.” (story continues below)

LPN – Licensed Practical Nurse

She wanted to work at a small capacity nursing home after graduating about 18 months ago from Canadian Valley Technology Center, located in Chickasha.
“You can go through a lot of bad apples before you find a fit,” Schreck said. “I asked my instructors what’s the point if I don’t find somewhere that I don’t get along with everybody. But The Wilshire Skilled Nursing and Therapy turned out to be a gem.
“It’s good to have mutual respect where you can come to the table and discuss and feel you are heard. We have a good platform for that,” she said.
Schreck has stayed there because of the quality care provided by the staff, she continued. She didn’t want to work at an over-populated nursing home that is understaffed.
“I wanted to get into skilled nursing where I could grow and learn,” Schreck said. “I do a little bit of everything, help out with wound care. I’m continuously learning.”
Schreck learns by asking a lot of questions. Someone on staff always has the answer she needs to give the best quality of care. Everyone comes together when finding effective solutions, she said. Schreck feels comfortable in knowing she has administrative support in advocating for the residents’ needs.
Her career calls for multi-tasking kept in check by compassion for patients and their family members in both skilled nursing and long-term care. Someone who is strong and determined describes an effective LPN. They complete their tasks, she said, by giving every ounce of commitment needed.
“I have a very strong work ethic. If you’re not going to do it right then don’t bother doing it,” Schreck said. “If I feel uncomfortable about doing something, I can always grab one of my supervisors.”
She has always been the type of person who will find someone who can explain a solution. Everyone asks questions at some point if they want to achieve anything in their career, she said.
“You’ve got to be courteous and there’s always good times to ask questions. I’ve had a lot of respect at work, and I’ve made a couple of really good friends here,” she said. “It makes a big difference when you know there are people who have your back. When you didn’t grow up with that it makes a big difference to have that kind of support.”
Schreck said she is lucky that Canadian Valley Technology Center set her on the right course.
“It was a great school. My instructors were nice and a good support team. I actually enjoyed it,” she said. “They have one of the hardest programs to go through. I loved it and would recommend it to anybody.”
As a single mother she keeps herself busy at work and finds time to relax with her 12-year-old daughter. They like to go camping, canoeing, and be outdoors.
“Right now, she’s in Branson, Missouri. I’m kind of jealous, but I’m glad she gets to go,” Schreck said. “I kick it with my kid. She is my best friend.”
They also spend time together at The Wilshire Skilled Nursing and Therapy doing arts and crafts.
“I love arts and crafts. She’ll make stuff for all the residents. I do some of the night shift, so she’ll make me take them to work and I’ll lay them on everybody’s little desk, so everybody wakes up to a little something. She is a participant. She’s like a candy striper and she’s always a blessing.”
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