Ranita Hunt, MLRT is a Medical Lab Radiology Tech at SSM Health Outpatient Center-Urgent Care. Ranita believes if she can save one life, it is worth everything.

by Vickie Jenkins – Writer/Photographer

SSM Health Urgent Care in Oklahoma City offers a good alternative to the ER for the treatment of non-emergency, non-life threatening common ailments and minor medical conditions.
Ranita Hunt, MLRT, is a Medical Lab Radiology Tech at SSM Health Outpatient Center-Urgent Care. “My friends call me Dee,” she said with a smile. Dee grew up in Chickasha, OK. “When I decided to go into the medical field, I started out as a CNA. At the time, I was living in Arkansas. I went to Blue Cliff College in Fayetteville, Arkansas, for my medical training and went to Harrison, Arkansas for my EMT. I worked as an EMT for about a year,” Dee explained.
“Later on, I got some bad news. My best friend, Lorna Brine was bitten by a tick. She got Rocky Mountain Fever which spread to Advanced Lime Disease. I ended up taking care of her, taking her to see specialized doctors. She was very sick. I remember sitting by her side, holding her hand in mine and she looked at me with her lifeless eyes, as she said, ‘After this is all over, I want you to promise that you will make a career out of nursing, this is definitely what you should be doing.’ My friend is alive, but she will never be the same health wise. She is still my best friend, and we get to share our story with others. She always tells people that I saved her life. It should be the other way around; she helped me when I was going through a rough time in my life so I feel like she saved mine,” she commented.
“I have worked many jobs under SSM. I have worked in oncology, with many primary care physicians and I have to say, I love working and I love meeting people,” Dee said. “I feel like I use all of my training to help others here at SSM. Working as an EMT taught me so much,” she added.
Asking Dee what her favorite part of her job is, she replied, “Well, I actually have several favorite parts about my job. When I am doing the lab work, drawing their blood and the patient asks me ‘Is it going to hurt?’ I tell them ‘I am already done.’ ‘What, no pain?’ They ask. They appreciate my gentleness. Another part is when a child reaches for me to give me a hug and they don’t want to let go or when the patient’s smallest compliment is my biggest reward. As long as I can leave a patient feeling better by giving them a sense of being or making them feel better than when they got there, I feel like I have done my job,” Dee said.
What qualities make a good nurse? “I think everyone needs to love to go to work. A nurse needs to know that they chose the job and they need to do the best they can do. A nurse needs to have compassion beyond a selfish nature and be able to listen, really listen to the patient. Last but not least, treat everyone with the utmost respect, treat everyone the same. I tell myself, be kind to everyone and know that there is someone out there that needs me today. I know that everyone has their own story and I feel like if I can save one person, that is worth everything and that is my mission,” Dee said with a big smile.
On a personal note, Dee is compassionate and considerate. She leaves each patient with a chuckle, a hug or some kind of positive action. Dee has two daughters and four grandchildren, ages five to eleven. Dee is a very considerate person as she bakes delicious treats every week for her co-workers. She visits her father at least once a week as she drives to Chickasha to see him. When she was little, she wanted to travel to New York and live the life! She was the oldest of five children and always felt likes she was the motherly type. She loves to do crafts, making gifts for others. She is into decorating for Christmas now and is working on an antique window display. Every year at Christmas, she goes to a store to help a random customer with something they might not be able to get on their own. Her purpose in working at SSM Outpatient Urgent -Care? “To save lives!” she said. Summing up her life in one word: SURPRISING.

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