Rhonda Spears,RN, enjoys working at Epworth Villa, located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Making sure the residents are happy and cared for is one of Rhonda’s daily goals.

by Vickie Jenkins – Writer/Photographer

Rhonda Spears, enjoys her job as an RN at Epworth Villa, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Spears became a nurse in 2007 and her first job in the medical field was working at Grace Living Center. She has worked here at Epworth Villa for almost 6 years. “I enjoy working with the staff and the residents here,” she comments. “It makes me so happy to see everyone when I walk in the front door,” she adds.
Spears became a nurse because she always wanted to help others and make a difference in other’s lives. Some of the qualities that Spears possesses are; passion, caring, loving, always thinking of the other person first and putting their feelings ahead of herself.
Spears traits can be contributed to the way she was raised. I grew up in Hennessey, Oklahoma. “My mother worked in a local long-term care facility when I was growing up and I think that is why I enjoy being around others. I always knew I would do something that would consists of taking care of people. I admired my mother for her genuine love and concern for others.” she comments.
“Growing up in Hennessey, Oklahoma, I moved to Oklahoma City to go to nursing school. I still love to go back to Hennessey and visit all my friends. In fact, I still work at the local nursing home, Hennessey Care Center on weekends or whenever they need an extra hand or something. I love it,” she says with a smile. “I work a lot but I still make time to spend with my family and friends,” she adds.
“What do you think your biggest asset as a nurse is?” I ask Spears. “I think it would be the importance of the connection of friendship with the residents and their family members. It is like a small community here at Epworth and I need to be friendly with each resident and each member of their family. Of course, that’s not a hard thing to do,” she adds.
Asking Spears what the favorite part of her job is, she replies, “It has to be laughing. It is so nice to see our residents laughing and having a good time. We can tell when everyone is having a good day; they are laughing and talking and having fun. Of course, that’s pretty easy to do around here,” she laugh.”
“What inspires you to come to work every day?” I ask. “The most important think is knowing that when I come to work and walk in that door, I am greeted by the staff and residents with lots of smiles and by my first name. We get to know each other very well and that makes a big difference. I come to work to take care of the residents and know that they realize they are in our care. It’s a great feeling.”
Spears’ hobbies include sports, traveling and spending time with her family. “I absolutely love sports of all kinds,” she says. “If you could describe yourself in 3 words, what would those words be?” I asked Spears. “I would have to say, loyal, patient and thoughtful,” she replies.
Ending the interview, I asked Spears to give me her opinion on Miss America’s, Miss Colorado’s Kelley Johnson’s monologue of ‘I’m just a nurse.’ I think she explains it very well. “A nurse is a lot of talents rolled into one. I don’t think a lot of people realize what a true nurse consists of. People don’t realize how much time a nurse spends with the patient, standing by their bedside during the day and night. Nurses are some of the most compassionate people you will find. Not only does a nurse take care of their patients but they spend time with the patients family members. I loved Kelley’s speech and I think it took talent and bravery to do what she did. Kelley Johnson showed everyone what she was made of. I thought her words were so touching, it made me cry,” states Spears.
On a personal note, I give a big thank-you and shout out to nurses everywhere. We wouldn’t be able to do without you. Thank you for taking care of us in the utmost professional way.