The ASHP Foundation is now accepting applications for the Collaborative Care Grant for Nurses and Pharmacists.

The application deadline is Sept. 7, 2022.

Created by a partnership between the ASHP Foundation and the American Nurses Foundation, this grant program aims to stimulate patient-centered interprofessional health services research that demonstrates meaningful outcomes.

Who is Eligible?
The research team to be co-led by a pharmacist and nurse, serving as co-principal investigators.

What Research is Eligible?

  • Innovating or evaluating new services or technologies to minimize barriers to care for populations such as at-risk or complex patients from underserved communities, or individuals who are elderly, have comorbidities or require chronic care.
  • Focusing on complex systems and processes (e.g., emergency departments), transitions of care, continuums of care, preventative care.
  • Priority to be given to research that measures teamwork and meaningful outcomes, such as, decreased patient harm, increased patient involvement in care, reduced hospital admissions/readmissions, and improved quality of life.


The American Nurses Foundation (the Foundation) is currently accepting applications for the 2022. A single grant will award $75,000 for an 18-month period of research work, co-led by a nurse and a pharmacist. Projects must be patient-centered, and outcomes must support a diverse, inclusive, and equitable health care system. The Request for Proposal is open to all who meet the eligibility requirements. The submission deadline is September 7, 2022. To learn more and to submit an application, visit Nursing World.