Jenifer Presley, LPN, and the assisted director of nurses at Golden Oaks Village in Stillwater is always open to a new learning opportunity.

Jenifer Presley stresses the importance of on-the-job learning as an LPN and the assistant director of nurses at Golden Oaks Village, located in Stillwater.
Presley has served for three years at Golden Oaks Village and been a nurse for seven years. She graduated from nursing school at Meridian Technology Center in Stillwater and did undergraduate studies at Oklahoma State University. (story continues below)

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“We learn something new every day,” Presley said. “It’s not just something where you go to school every day and learn everything. For years there is always something else to know.”
Studying for a career in nursing gives you a good base of skills for an active career, she continued. Having performed clinical work in school proved to be a valuable resource to draw from early in a nursing career.
She understands how families feel when depending on competent health care workers to assist ailing loved ones. She was 19 when her father became ill, and her family called for an ambulance.
“I think that’s what sparked it. I love taking care of people,” she said.
Presley would tell nursing school students to pay close attention to dedicated nurses in the field. Nurses who love their careers stand above the rest, she said.
“You can always point out who’s a hard worker and wants to be there,” she explained. “They are who you should follow and look up to. Watch the things that they do and how they deal with their patients.”
Residents at Golden Oaks Village are individuals so it’s good to take time to listen and learn from them, she continued.
“It makes it easier for them and for you during the process of their care,” she said.
Being team oriented in a compassionate setting makes Golden Oaks Village the favorite place that Presley has ever worked, she said. As a charge nurse, Presley is a team leader offering her support to ensure care is being provided that the residents need. She said there is always help when she needs assistance. She leads the team whenever there is a nearby emergency.
“We have a good group of girls here,” Presley said. “And, if I ever need help or must do something in another room, I never have to worry about it. It feels good knowing you have support and knowledgeable people who want to be here to help.”
Golden Oaks Village is located on 40 acres in Stillwater in a wooded country setting that is filled with ponds and wildlife. A peaceful view accompanies a paved walking trail. Independent and assisted living facilities serve more than 100 seniors and the elderly every day.
“Take your time and get to know them,” she said. “It can make as much difference in your life as you can in theirs. That makes for a meaningful job.”
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