The Southern Nazarene University (SNU) School of Nursing has graduated nurses since 1982. SNU graduates have established a reputation for not only being well educated but having those most important qualities of caring, empathy, and sympathy towards their clients. SNU graduates are known for their ability to address the spiritual or holistic aspect of patient care.
Over the 37 years of the SNU School of Nursing, many great faculty have contributed to the education of these students. Many have dedicated their professional life with passion and in-depth understanding of the profession and the healthcare system within which most nurses work.
SNU faculty recently reviewed and refreshed our curriculum to meet the current advanced state of education expected from the regional employers. In addition, the importance of recognizing the global health environment has come to the forefront. Nursing students at SNU have a number of outreach opportunities, both local and international. These opportunities will expand in the upcoming years.
As far as the SNU campus, one of the most well-known “faculty” is housed in the School of Nursing. Tillie Mae, the Mini Australian Shepherd who has now worked for 8 years, continues her H.A.L.O Therapy Dog work with students on an almost daily basis. She can be found in the lobby of the Don Beavers Science Building greeting students, in the classroom prior to exams to bring a sense of calm, or waiting at the door to greet the next visitor to the office.
SNU currently meets state and national standards for Board Pass Rate and Accreditation.
Learn more about the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program and the value the of an SNU education at snu.edu/nursing. Schedule a campus visit at snu.edu/campus-visit.