Jane Nelson, Executive Director of Oklahoma Nurses Association

As published January 28th, 2019

by Jane Nelson, Executive Director of Oklahoma Nurses Association

Most Oklahomans are aware that registered nurses are in high workforce demand in Oklahoma and the nation. RNs are at the top of the list of the state’s “critical occupations” according to Oklahoma Works. What isn’t as well known is while there is high demand for all RNs, increasingly hospitals, clinics and other health organizations have acute shortages of baccalaureate-trained nurses. The Oklahoma Nurses Association has long been a supporter of registered nurses with a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN). Only 44 percent of the RN workforce holds a BSN.
A report on the nursing shortage by the Governor’s Workforce Council provides strong evidence that new graduates holding a BSN are being highly sought by employers. The state’s acute care hospitals are especially focused on hiring BSN-prepared registered nurses.
Research shows patient outcomes are improved and patient deaths reduced when the nursing staff holds a BSN. Our increasing complexity of technology, medications and…

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FACEBOOK: What you are saying:

KAREN SAYS: Ok. I have an ASN and a BS in another field. I’d love to continue my education. The *cheapest* RN to BSN I’ve found is about $9,000. But that investment of money and my time won’t increase my paycheck.

ROBYN SAYS: I’m 30 years with my ADN, 20 with my BA. Unless there’s a reimbursement I won’t think about it. I am less than 7 years away from retirement. I do encourage young nurses to continue, but I also tell them not to stop with a BSN.

DEBBIE SAYS: Education is not cheap. Your BSN is important to employers. TJC and CMS are requiring higher education among nursing staff. Many employers will pay for your education. Look for scholarships and move forward with your education. You’ll be glad you did.

DEBBIE J. SAYS: Everyone one is getting their BSN just as a stepping stone to their NP where the money is. They are not going into teaching. The shortage will become even worse when we diploma nurses retire after being at the bedside for 45 years! Every young nurse I know has one thing in mind…NP and money. How is this working for us????

PATRICIA SAYS: I went back and paid out to get my BSN. Never received a pay increase and no assistance with financing the degree.

LYNNE SAYS: I have an ASN and a BA in another area as well. I have thought about getting a BSN but again it won’t increase paycheck.

BRANDY SAYS: What would serve Oklahoma well would be better nurse to patient ratio’s and better access to healthcare for the uninsured. Just my opinion.

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