Justin Simon, RN, BSN breathed new life into his nursing career working at Community Hospital.

by Bobby Anderson, RN, Staff Writer

Literally and figuratively, cardiac nursing runs in Justin Simon’s blood.
The thrill of it grabbed his attention like nothing else while he was going to nursing school at Southern Nazarene University and earning his bachelor’s in nursing.
That’s why after school he locked in to a cardiac stepdown unit right after graduation.
But with that thrill came the constant stress and curve balls that cardiac patients present.
Taking care of patients with sheaths, days old CABG’s and active chest pain requires a never-ending attention to detail and moment-to-moment life-or-death decision making.
“Any vascular surgery you can think of we did,” he said running off a list that included pacemaker placement. “It was a good all-around floor and I learned a lot.”
Looking down the road, Simon, RN, BSN, could see that burnout would someday be inevitable. He was already starting to feel it, although not fully understanding it at the time.
That’s why a couple years back Simon started opening up his mind to new settings.
And as luck would have it, his friends started saying just what he needed to hear.
That was when he found Community Hospital North.
“Actually, I never thought I would work in an orthopedic hospital then I started hearing about Community Hospital,” he said. “One of my friends who used to work with me went to Community South Hospital and started telling me about it.”
“It sounded like a really good hospital to work for. It sounded nice. And I didn’t believe it. You work for a hospital that takes care of you and that’s a whole different ball game.”
Liking what he heard, Simon signed on, and kept working cardiac on a PRN basis.
“It helps me mentally big time,” Simon said. “Orthopedics is a lot more physical versus cardiac. But my big thing was mentally being stressed out. (Cardiac) is a stressful environment.”
“It gives me a break. If there was a burnout and I needed a break from it …. it was healthy for me to find this place because I get to keep what I like doing plus I get to do this at the same time. I don’t really get burned out any more.”
Simon spends his days in the PACU after transitioning from medical/surgical.
Community Hospital has two campuses featuring a comprehensive range of medical services and high quality care.
Community Hospital’s south campus is a full-service hospital serving Southwest Oklahoma City and the surrounding communities including Blanchard, Moore, Newcastle, Norman, Mustang and Tuttle.
Community Hospital’s north campus celebrated the opening of its new facility in 2016 and offers inpatient and outpatient services, including diagnostic imaging and direct access to physician offices.
“The ones here are pretty much elective surgery versus being down to their last option,” Simon said of his patient population. “I’m able to have an actual conversation with them. They’re able-bodied and don’t have multiple diagnoses. The patients are not as sick. They’re more mobile.”
Community Hospital offers nursing care in a close-knit, compassionate community. The Medical/Surgical department has all private rooms, close to the nurses’ station. With low nurse-to-patient ratios, nurses have the time to provide excellent service to patients and families.
Community Hospital’s north campus is located on the east side of the Broadway Extension, just north of Britton Rd. in north Oklahoma City. The Community Hospital north campus features 14 inpatient beds and 8 operating suites, each equipped with the latest technology for orthopedic, spine, gynecology, plastic, pain management, ENT, endoscopic and general surgical procedures.
Simon dropped down to PRN at Community when son Oliver was born almost one year ago.
“He’s our first. That was a whirlwind,” he said. “They really scare new parents once they leave the hospital. It’s overwhelming. The first three months – I didn’t even know what was happening.”
A nurse for five years now, Simon is enjoying an actual work-life balance. He still rocks a couple cardiac shifts once a month and he’s enjoying the breath of fresh air Community Hospital and orthopedics has breathed into his career.
When he’s ready, Simon says he’ll go back to Community full-time.
“They take care of their nurses,” Simon said. “The people, I’ve gotten to know with it being a smaller hospital, I’ve gotten to know a lot of great people.”
“The people I work with keep me here.”

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· RN Administrative Director of Nursing
· RN Director of Nursing, Perioperative Services, South Campus
· System Director, Pharmacy
· RN House Supervisor, FT 7a-7p, South Campus
· RN House Supervisor, FT, Northwest Surgical Hospital

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· RN Med Surg Days, 7a-7p, FT, PRN – $5000 Sign on Bonus
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· RN Med Surg Nights, 7p-7a, FT, PRN – $5000 Sign on Bonus
· RN Quality Review Specialist, FT, M-F
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· Patient Access Representative, ED, FT, PRN, 10a-2p,
M-F (some weekends), Every other Sunday and Seasonal
· MRI Tech, PRN
· Nutritional Services Support, PRN

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· RN OR Circulator, FT, M-F Days – $5000 Sign on Bonus
· RN, Med Surg, PRN, Variable Days & Nights, 7a-7p, 7p-7a
· RN Pre-op, FT, M-F
· Surgical Tech, FT, M-F – $2000 Sign on Bonus
· Patient Care Tech, FT, 7a-7p

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