Devin Davis is continuing the family business at Heartland CPR which allows nurses to keep their skills certifications up to date.

Devin Davis grew up with the medical field all around him.
His grandmother recently retired from nursing. His stepdad is an EMS Chief and his mother’s Heartland CPR business focuses on teaching people how to save lives.
And when he finally decided to join the family business he found something he never expected.
Not only did he enjoy teaching, he enjoyed what he was teaching.
“I like to make sure people understand the science behind it,” Davis said of the CPR classes he teaches. “You’d be shocked at how many people who don’t understand – especially ones first going into EMT or nursing school – the basic principles of CPR and what we’re actually doing. They know how to do it, they just don’t know we’re trying to fill that heart up with blood and pump that oxygenated blood into the brain and then back down to the heart.”
By limiting class sizes, minimizing test anxiety, and taking every opportunity to exceed the expectations of customers, Heartland CPR engages participants with a fresh approach to training.
It’s why the business has such a huge following in the medical field.
Flexibility has always been the cornerstone of Heartland’s business model.
“A lot of hospitals don’t take into account their nurses’ schedules,” Davis said. “We get a lot of run-off from nurses trying really hard to get into a class in the hospital but they don’t work with their schedule or the mannequins are old and hurt their hands.
“They come to us and we serve a lot of them.”
Whether it’s a customer’s first class or 50th, Davis knows there is always something more that can be learned. When it comes to required certification training, boredom shouldn’t be the norm and laughing shouldn’t be outlawed.
Davis began in the family business in the back office, working on the company’s website design and marketing.
He quickly migrated out into the field.
He’s learned how to tweak his message to a broad audience with Heartland offering classes for 18-year-olds to 80-year-olds.
The Davis family has built Heartland CPR into a successful business that revolves around providing life-saving skills in a fun, friendly environment.
Heartland CPR offers courses in CPR, AED, First Aid, Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers, Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) as well the addition of Pet First Aid + CPR.
Flexibility and customer service drive Heartland.
Devin’s mother, Ginger, coordinates with individual travel nurses and travel nursing agencies who appreciate that Heartland provides training in multiple disciplines in a single weekend, and even have arranged with a nearby luxury hotel which offers discount accommodations to out-of-town overnight customers.
But that’s what Heartland specializes in, getting medical professionals the training and documentation they need when they need it.
One in-demand course is the S.T.A.T. program which stands for Sequentially Timed Accelerated Training. Nurses can renew the entire BLS, ACLS and PALS certification suite in a weekend.
Despite the demand, classes are limited to 10 people each.
It’s a Heartland tenet to ensure the quality of the training and the ability for students to ask questions and truly grasp the material.
To keep up, Heartland simply adds more classes. And the company’s ability to deliver training wherever the client needs it has made Heartland a nurse favorite.
From doctors to dental assistants to oil field companies, Heartland can put together a training package that fits the need.
The nimble model recently earned Ginger Davis an invitation to participate in the 2017 Emerging Leader’s Program sponsored by the US Small Business Administration Oklahoma District Office.
This intense program runs from April to October 2017 with applicants selected based on leadership, entrepreneurial skills, and solid business success.
Heartland CPR is also a recipient of the Better Business Bureau’s International Torch Award.
Presented annually since 1996, the International Torch Awards for Ethics honors companies who demonstrate best practices in leadership, character and high standards of organizational.
For the Davises, that’s just what a family business looks like.