With nearly half of all Oklahomans now vaccinated, we are making great strides in our battle against COVID-19. We continue to see fewer and fewer hospitalizations due to the disease, and those who are hospitalized are experiencing shorter hospital stays thanks to the development of better treatment options.
However, recovery from COVID-19 isn’t the same for everyone. That’s why INTEGRIS Health is leading the way by starting the state’s first Post-COVID Recovery Program.
The program provides a streamlined care pathway for patients to access comprehensive general and specialty medical care in a patient-centered environment. While post-COVID complications vary greatly, the most common lingering symptoms are shortness of breath, fatigue, weakness, brain fog, anxiety, depression, and other conditions.
INTEGRIS Health has put together a multi-disciplinary team of primary care providers, specialists, and behavioral health experts, to help individuals recover from those symptoms. Our current specialty offerings include:
* General medicine
* Behavioral health
* Pulmonology
* Neurology
* Cardiology
* Other specialties available
“While many COVID-19 patients recover from this disease with little to no long-term effects, unfortunately, some patients do suffer from lasting complications,” said Jeffrey Cruzan, M.D., the president of INTEGRIS Medical Group. “These ‘long haulers’, as they are called, need comprehensive and coordinated treatment pathways, which is exactly what this program is designed to offer.”
Eligible patients must meet the following requirements:
* Have a previous COVID positive diagnosis
* Be three to four weeks out from initial diagnosis
* Be continuing to exhibit symptoms/side effects of the disease
At this point, INTEGRIS Health is only accepting insured patients, but is actively working to expand care for all patients. Patients can request an appointment by calling 405-552-0345.