Tami McMichael is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital in Bethany, OK. Tami’s positive personality and bright smile are encouraging to all.

by Vickie Jenkins, Staff Writer

Working at the Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital, you will find Tami McMichael, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.
Tami has been a nurse for 29 years and can’t imagine doing anything else with her life. Soft-spoken yet strong words of encouragement are heard to those around her as she speaks with ease as her words seem to flow.
Tami is an encouraging individual who set her goals high and reached them. Starting out as a Nursing Assistant at the Children’s Center Rehabilitation Center, Tami’s world was full of new beginnings. That was 29 years ago. Now, 2018, she is known as Tami McMichael, APRN, CPNP in Acute and Primary care as she cares for the children. Tami received her Master of Science, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program from OU and her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from OU.
Tami’s Professional Affiliations include: Fellow of the American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine, National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners and Oklahoma Chapter of the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners.
I asked Tami what qualities make a good nurse. “I think a nurse should have compassion, good intuition, and intelligence and have a deep desire to help and serve others,” she replied. “To be a good nurse, they need plenty of patience and flexibility,” she added.
Through the years, determination has played an important part of Tami’s life. Tami’s accomplishments started at a young age and continue to grow even to this day. When Tami was 9 years old, she was winning 4H contests by speaking to large groups. In high school and college, she was a track and field athlete, was on the drill team in the rodeo, did medical mission work in South America 3 times, and in Romania and did mission work with Athletes in Action. Tami’s life stays busy with work but she always makes sure to spend quality time with her husband and 13 year old daughter, not to forget her pets; 3 dogs and 2 cats.
Tami has fond memories of her god-mother, Betty Baker. “My god-mother was the one that taught me how to ride a horse, participate in rodeos and taught me how to speak in front of crowds,” Tami commented. I remember doing plays, etc. in school and the feeling of being so scared when it was my turn to be the center of attention, all I wanted to do was cry! Suddenly, my god-mother would give me a push onto the stage. For some reason, I would stop crying and do a great job, as if a you-can-do-it-button had been turned on! I am so thankful that she did that to me. That was a big part of who I am today,” Tami said “I am so grateful to everyone here at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital. Since 1989, the staff, the nurses and the administration have supported me.”
“I remember the exact day when I knew that I wanted to continue to be a nurse for children. I was working at The Children’s Center, night shift, taking care of a little girl. She looked about 6 or 7 years old. As I began to feed her through a feeding tube, it was then that I realized how fortunate I was. Here she was, lying in bed, and she couldn’t walk, or talk or play. That is when I saw the date on the identity card at the end of the bed. She was the same age as me. From then on, I knew that I wanted to be a nurse for children, helping in any way that I could. That was God calling me to care for children with special needs, and I am so glad He did,” Tami said.
Tami’s daily words to live by? The joy of the Lord is my strength. Summing it up, I asked Tami to describe herself in one word. Tami answered, “Blessed.”

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