At INTEGRIS, we continue to respond to the ever-changing and escalating situation surrounding the global spread of COVID-19. These are the latest steps we are taking to better prepare for the possible influx of patients this virus may bring.
*INTEGRIS, Mercy, Norman Regional, OU Medicine and SSM Health St. Anthony add further visitation restrictions. Adult patients will be allowed no visitors, with the exception of Labor and Delivery patients who will be allowed to have one visitor. Children will be allowed one visitor for the duration of their stay. These visitors must be at least 18 years old.
*We are also asking that no more than four people enter into an elevator at a time.
*Similar to our decision to postpone all elective surgeries, we have also made the decision to postpone all INTEGRIS ambulatory endoscopic GI procedures for at least the next two weeks.

*In accordance with the American College of Radiology, we are also postponing non-urgent outpatient imaging studies. These studies include, but are not limited to, screening mammography, MRI, CT and ultrasound. This excludes obstetrical ultrasounds. We will reevaluate every two weeks to determine if these services can resume.
*Continuous communication is critical to provide our caregivers with the most up-to-date information they need to safely and effectively perform their job duties. For this reason, we are now offering a video update to our caregivers, twice daily, seven days a week.
*INTEGRIS continues to receive medical supply donations from the public.

*Executive and medical leadership held a teleconferenced Q&A forum to answer caregiver questions about COVID-19 response.
*Temperature and symptom screening for caregivers and visitors is now implemented.
*Emergency back-up child care services have been identified for our caregivers with small children.
*INTEGRIS, Mercy, Norman Regional, OU Medicine and SSM Health St. Anthony all postpone elective, non-urgent surgeries and procedures.
*All INTEGRIS sites are preparing to provide symptom screening for visitors and caregivers. Those with a fever or respiratory symptoms will not be allowed into the facility.
*Individuals who wish to donate additional PPE, are asked to contact the Incident Command Center at 405-951-8735. (Ex. dentists, vets, construction workers, painters, etc.)
*When possible, face-to-face meetings are being replaced with Skype, WebEx or other available technologies.
*We have created a provider and caregiver hotline for caregivers and providers to ask questions.
*Visitors are now required to register upon entry of one of our hospitals. Check-in stations will be at points of entry.
*Visitor access to our hospitals will be limited to specific designated entrances, in most instances these locations will be the hospital’s main entrance and the emergency department entrance.
*Plans related to secure additional staffing and supplies continue. We are identifying caregivers who can be reassigned to the areas they are most needed.
*We have initiated our Incident Command Center
*Revised our visitation policy to limit the number of guests in the hospital
*Closed certain entrances, waiting rooms and clinics.
*We are evaluating surge capacity through drills and planning exercises
*We are encouraging INTEGRIS Virtual Visits instead of in-office visits
*We have asked caregivers to self-monitor for fever or other symptoms
*Added additional and more frequent cleanings
*Increased the number of hand sanitizer stations
*Posted hand washing reminders in highly visible areas