Being a good nurse takes a lot of hard work. Leading by example is Tiffany Bryant, LPN and Wellness Director of Nursing at Quail Ridge Assisted Living.

by Vickie Jenkins, Staff Writer

Quail Ridge Assisted Living is an assisted living facility located in Oklahoma City, OK, that assists Seniors in their daily living and has been located in NW OKC for over twenty years. Caring for one hundred fifty-four residents are the utmost professionals. One of the unique amenities is the awesome dining experience that is offered, sitting by one of the many fireplaces, including happy hour!
Robert Marchbanks is the Executive Director and Tiffany Bryant, LPN, is the Wellness Director of Nursing. Tiffany has been a nurse for twenty-one years and has been with Quail Ridge Assisted Living since August 2020. ”I am a nurse because there is nothing else that I would rather do,” Tiffany said. “I spent most of my nursing career in Long Term Care and this was something that I had never done so I wanted to give the senior living a try. I enjoy working here and I know that it is a good fit for me.” (story continues below)

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“I graduated from Nursing school in Dothan, Alabama in 1990. My first job as a nurse was working in the emergency room as a triage nurse in Dothan, Alabama. Even when I was a little girl, I wanted to be a nurse. I have always had a caring heart to serve others. I have a strong feeling of empathy and I think that is something that will always be with me,” Tiffany stated.
One of Tiffany’s biggest reward is taking care of those that can’t take care of themselves. “It gives me such a wonderful feeling, knowing that I am helping someone, whether it be big or small. The fact of helping others has always made me feel good.”
“One of the biggest challenges is explaining the pandemic to the residents and why we have to do what we have to do. Of course, that is also a problem with some of the resident’s family and to a big number of people, it is heartbreaking and draining. It just breaks my heart sometimes when the resident or their family just don’t understand that what we are doing is for their best interest.”
“If anyone influenced me to be a nurse, it was my grandmother. She was an amazing soul and seemed to lead by example. I wanted to be like her; serving others with a happy heart. I think I followed in my grandmother’s footsteps,” Tiffany said with a smile. One of the reasons that Tiffany feels like she was meant to be a nurse, was the fact that she has always had a caring heart, “I am definitely a people person. I have always wanted to serve others and help them in any way I can; making them smile. I was taught that being kind to someone else is free and kindness will go a long way. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I can be very sensitive at times but I believe it makes me a stronger and better person. I always see the good in someone, hoping for the best,” Tiffany commented.
Asking Tiffany what advice she would give to someone going into the medical field, she replied, “I would tell them that they will know if they are meant to be a nurse by the way they have a way of wanting to care for others. They will know from the very beginning; that certain feeling of being drawn to care for others. They will also need to be flexible because certain situations will happen at the last minute. Plans change.”
Tiffany is most proud of her two wonderful kids; Ashley who is an Army Veteran and son Jaylin who is active duty in the Army. “My greatest reward in life has been the success of my children,” Tiffany said. “Being a good nurse is one thing but being a good mother is priceless. It has been challenging but seeing my children grow up to be men and women has been the greatest joy of my life,” she added. How has the coronavirus changed your life? “Taking extra precautions everywhere I go had been a real change in my daily life. I think one of the biggest changes that I have seen is the lack of communication between residents, their families and all of the staff members here at Quail Ridge.” She replied. “Lets hope it all changes soon.” Summing up her life in three words, Tiffany replied, “Keeps Getting Better.”