The Uniform Shoppe Tulsa staff. Left to right: Brittney, Amina, Stacey, Aaron, Renita, Jody, Kati.
The Uniform Shoppe Oklahoma City staff. Left to right, Ericka Branham, Marsha Zwiebel, Shari Stallings and Jenna Dibble.

The Uniform Shoppe has a long tradition of offering professional stylish medical uniforms that are up-to-date in style, said Jodi Weise-Gonzales, co-owner of the Uniform Shoppe, located in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. She and her parents own both stores. Jodi lives in Tulsa while Elaine and Albert Weise live in Oklahoma City.
Albert and Jodi Weise opened the Uniform Shoppe in Tulsa in 1962. The Uniform Shoppe is located in the Park Plaza Shopping Center at 6221 East 61st Street, just west of Sheridan in Tulsa; and in Oklahoma City at 10503 North May Avenue, between Hefner Road and Britton Road.
The Uniform Shoppe represents quite a few manufacturers while offering quality at the best price possible. It also offers personalized services such as monogramming and logos, Jody said.
The Uniform Shoppe continues to evolve into a better company for their customers. Jody and her mom recently attended the Uniform University in Dallas to network with the uniform industry around the U.S.
“We also network with other uniform retailers and we share ideas on things we can do in our stores to offer our customers, and learn what merchandise is selling we might not have,” Weiss said. “We share ideas like that to be better.”
Everyone Jody knows in the uniform industry is community oriented and involved in the common good.
“We want our community to appreciate the fact that we are a local business and are trying to provide a service as well as a product they need,” Jody said. “We want to keep our dollars in Oklahoma so our businesses and tax dollars will go to work for us.”
Patients go to hospitals and clinics when they have a health care issue. They don’t go on the Internet, she said.
“So we try to make sure our customers come into our stores to support our company like they do the medical community,” Jody said.
This personalized positive experience allows clients to actually feel the comfort of touching the fabric they are purchasing that is not possible online.
“We’re here. And many times also we have people running in at the last minute because they were supposed to be in uniform and they forgot,” Jody said.
Jody said she feels fortunate that customers come to both stores. She loves seeing them again and working with them.
“We love the communication and rapport that we’ve established with a lot of our customers that are repeat customers,” Jody said.
New people are always coming into the nursing field, and the Weise family is proud to provide them with a good experience. They appreciate everyone who walks through their doors.
“They support our business. We’ve been doing this for 55 years.”
Most people can only wear one color. Reversible scrubs are also available for surgery.
“We try to find things in the color that our local nurses need in affordable and functional uniforms,” Jody said.
The Uniform Shoppe also caters to a number of offices and keeps records of all customers they work with in order to know what their uniform program is at anytime for them.” Nurses today want to look fashionable in ready-to-wear uniforms that are functional, Jody said. They combine fashion with function and fabric, Jody explained. Clients first want comfort, she added.
“Comfort is the No. 1 thing they want. Price falls really far down on the list. They want easy care,” she said. “They don’t want to have to struggle with their clothes all day. They want to look good.
Nurses are active and on their feet all day. She said it is amazing that they keep a positive attitude and a smile on their face with all the challenges they face in a day.
“We do have official hospital logos that we put on the uniforms they’ve purchased already,” Jody said.