Angi Mohr, RN, Executive Vice President, COO/CNO at SSM Health Shawnee.

For the majority of her nursing career, Angi Mohr, RN, took it one patient at a time.
That patient, that moment, that diagnosis was what drove the emergency department nurse.

But it was only when she moved into a management role at SSM Health Shawnee that she discovered she could make decisions that would help hundreds if not thousands of patients at a time.
Mohr, Executive Vice President, COO/CNO, has been in the health care profession for more than 25 years.
She’s responsible for improving patient experiences, while being responsible for supporting, upholding, and implementing the hospital’s mission and values.
She graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Nursing in 1992 from Seminole State College and completed her Bachelors in Nursing in 2002. In 2009, she graduated with honors from St. Gregory’s University with a Masters in Management.
She has been with the hospital for more than a quarter century and has worked as an Emergency Department staff nurse, Director of Emergency Department, and Assistant Vice President of Nursing.
“I will have been at this hospital 26 years in March,” Mohr said. “I love the hometown feel of our community hospital. I love knowing we provide exceptional care for people I live among and my family goes to school with.”
“I work with a tremendous group of people. I can’t imagine not coming to work every day and not seeing them.”
Mohr has been honored with numerous awards recognizing her professional excellence and dedication to nursing.
Her first job out of school took her into labor and delivery. From there she transitioned to the emergency department and fell in love.
“It seemed to be a better fit for me,” she said. “I loved the adrenaline and the fast pace. I spent the majority of my career in the emergency department.”
But it was only when she moved into the role of vice president of nursing that she was able to get the bird’s-eye view of what healthcare really was.
“It was really more of a high-level view of all nursing departments,” Mohr said. “As an ED nurse it’s all just outpatient from that point of view. When I stepped into that assistant vice president role I had to broaden my view to all scopes of nursing and how they worked with each other.”
The adrenaline Mohr thrived on in the emergency department changed forms to the adrenaline of overseeing an entire continuum of care.
That’s why she continued to advance until she settled at the top in her current role as chief operating officer and chief nursing officer.
Inpatient and outpatient, it all comes back to Mohr.
“I really felt the transition was a smooth one and I believe it had a lot to do with the fact the CNO was a good mentor for me,” Mohr said. “She included me in a lot of her daily duties and her scope of practice and how she did her job. I felt like she did a great job of grooming me.”
Mohr has served as chief operating officer since 2014.
Having all those years of bedside experience brought a certain depth to the way Mohr approached decisions affecting nursing.
“I love it when we can make changes that will make their day-to-day work go easier,” Mohr said. “As a nurse I can understand how hard it is in that role. Every time a new implementation comes out I understand it’s a stress on them.”
“I enjoy working with the current nursing leaders to help ease that transition.”
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