Taking over as CEO at Deaconess Hospital is Mr. Devon Hyde. With plenty of experience, he is adjusting well and enjoys being back in Oklahoma City, OK.

by Vickie Jenkins

Mr. Devon Hyde stands tall and proud as the CEO of Deaconess Hospital. Before coming to Oklahoma City, OK in April, 2015, Hyde was the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Hillcrest Medical Center in Tulsa, OK. Prior to that, he served in senior executive roles in Nevada, Florida and Missouri.
Hyde went to school at OU for undergraduate and went to Oklahoma City University for his MBA. Prior to his graduate education, Hyde had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Paul Dougherty, who at the time was the CEO of Deaconess Hospital. “I was able to learn about Mr. Dougherty’s career path and what life as a hospital CEO was like. Spending a significant amount of time with him truly ignited a passion in me for healthcare leadership. Having the opportunity to return to Oklahoma City and serve as the CEO of the same organization that was part of the genesis of my health care career was extremely exciting,” Hyde comments.
“What are some of your responsibilities as CEO?” I ask. “I am responsible for all aspects of the organizations, policies, objectives and strategic initiatives. This includes the growth and development of service lines, physician and community relations, hospital operations and the quality and safety of the care provided at Deaconess Hospital. Of course, this is not something that one person could do alone and it is very important to recognize the terrific team of leaders at this facility. The leadership team is comprised of bright, experienced and passionate professionals who are focused on caring for the patient, their families, the physicians and one another. We all view the patient experience through a single lens and through that lens we are able to identify and execute our objectives as a cohesive team,” Hyde says. “Deaconess Hospital is the community’s medical provider, serving Oklahoma City and its residents with inpatient, outpatient, diagnostic, surgical and emergency care. Here, we relate to friends, families, and neighbors, working with and for our community to provide healthcare that fits each individual’s lifestyle.”
“Being a hospital full of a caring staff, Deaconess wants to make this a place where the patients feel welcome and comfortable. Deaconess reaches out to the community in several ways, focusing on the families.” Deaconess promotes participation in the American Heart Association Heart Walk, Deaconess Pregnancy and Adoption sponsorship and Healthy Woman. There is also a free monthly community health program that also offers physician lead health education, health screens and educational seminars at local businesses, annual free cancer screens for the community, plus providing supplies and hospital services for the Open Arms free clinic. “We also have job fairs on Fridays and will start having Food Truck Friday to add a little bit of fun. It makes it nice for everyone,” Hyde adds.
As CEO, Hyde sees a bright future ahead, keeping his goals high. “Right now, there are over 800 employees, full-time and part-time. We plan on hiring more nurses, excellent in their field of caring for the patients and comforting their families. We have an excellent team here at Deaconess; it’s like one big family. We want a caring atmosphere, where all of our employees treat the patients with love and compassion. I think Deaconess Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Oklahoma. The hospital is growing every day and there will be exciting news in the near future.”
I asked Hyde one last question, “What are some words of wisdom that you live by?” “I think of my father’s words and what he instilled in me, Work hard, work really, really hard at whatever you choose to do. Appreciate what you have and the people who share their life with you and be kind. Never underestimate the immense power of kindness.”