Trevy Rauch, RN, MSN is proud to be a part of the new Ellis Clinical Skills Lab and Simulation Center in the Nursing Program at Oklahoma Christian University.

by Vickie Jenkins, Staff Writer

Christy Hallock and Trevy Rauch are the faculty simulation coordinators at Oklahoma Christian University and they are proud to announce the opening of the new Ellis Clinical Skills Lab and Simulation Center which took place on September 13, 2019.
Medical simulators and clinical skill trainers are an effective tool in medical education. They help train students, doctors and personnel, nurses and rescue teams in developing the necessary skills and techniques before working with a patient.
Medical simulation is used in all aspects of medical education; such as surgical and laparoscopic training, obstetric and gynecological training, clinical skill training, and first aid, basic and advanced life support, nursing skills, patient care training and diagnostic procedures.
Meet Trevy Rauch, RN, MSN. Growing up in Edmond, OK, Trevy has been a nurse for twenty-five years and previously worked at Integris Baptist in the Pediatric ICU and working in a pediatric doctor’s office for eighteen years. She has been teaching in the nursing department at OC for eight years. It was obvious that Trevy was proud to tell me all about the new simulation, taking me on a tour and she was excited to show me around. Yes, it was impressive!
The 7,000 square foot Ellis Clinical Skilled Lab and Simulation Center is equipped with five high fidelity patient simulators. The patient rooms are a hospital setting while the mannequins are programed to set off a random real-to-life problem situation; asthma, heart attack, delivering a baby – allowing the student to care for the patient, how to multi-task and to do some critical thinking. The instructor is on the other side of the wall, watching how the student performs. “This gives the student a chance to learn hands-on and what to do in any kind of situation,” Trevy said. “Sometimes, when the graduates get into a hospital, they come across something they have never dealt with before. We are trying to teach the students how to react when an emergency arises. Through the simulators and the classes, the students will be ready to take care of their patient when they do work as a nurse,” she added.
Asking Trevy to describe herself: “I like spending time with my family. I am a strong Christian and I like going to church. I enjoy going to Bible studies and doing things with my friends. I am very proud to be a part of the Oklahoma Christian University and am excited to be one of the simulation coordinators, and anxious to begin the stimulation program with the students. I think we are all excited about the new program,” she replied. “The students are excited too.”
Trevy’s advice to her students is to focus on studying. “To be a nurse, they need to have a deep desire to care for others; feeling the compassion. I found that students either like nursing or they don’t like nursing. I think a person knows if they feel like they have a true passion for taking care of others.” Trevy said. “I feel like a nurse needs to be honest, have a genuine kindness in their heart, be compassionate and be knowledgeable and have a desire to learn,” Trevy explained.
Trevy teaches Health Assessment and Fundamentals of Nursing, along with the simulators. “My favorite part of my job is seeing the students at work in the hospitals and see them thriving; receiving compliments from the nurses and co-workers about how prepared they were for their job. The most rewarding feeling for a nurse is the positive patient outcomes, “Trevy commented.
On a personal note, when Trevy is not working, she likes spending time with her husband, Darren and her children, Kaylen, 18 and Trevor, 15 years old. She also likes playing with her three dogs; Koda, a golden retriever/therapy dog. “It is amazing how much patients benefit from the special four-legged friends. “I take Koda to different hospitals to visit the patients and it brings such a joy to them,” Trevy said. She also has Beau, a yorkie, and Dude, a chihuahua. “My spare time is mainly spent running around with the kids,” she said with a laugh. “I like shopping and sleeping,” she added. “Of course, traveling to the beach or the mountains would be nice too.”
Asking Trevy to describe her life in one word, it didn’t take long for her to come up with an answer. She replied, “Oh, that’s easy…that word would definitely be, CHRISTIAN.”


Excellent Benefit Package Provided
Licensed Nurses to work with our special needs pediatric patients 0-21 years of age. Our campus consists of 6 rehab hospital units with 6 pediatric patients in each unit. Nurses will monitor assigned hospital unit to ensure quality of patients’ health and the care that is given by Direct Care staff.

· Must have current OK Drivers License
· Must be able to lift 25 lbs

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