Anything fried. Natasha Mayson, CNA

I’ve never had State Fair food. Alex Conatser, Project Search

I’m a basic corn dog girl and it has to be the big one with ketchup and mustard. Fallishia Peters, RN

My favorite last time was the fried Snickers. Cory Williamson, RN


We are seeking:

In conjunction with the Medical Director, the DON ensures that resident care objectives are established and met and the standards, policies, and procedures of the Department of Nursing Services are consistent with the standards, policies and procedures of the facility, our Principals of Respect and Statement of Commitment, and current standards of care and practice. The DON’s job is multifaceted to promote and include a focus on resident’s quality of life issues while ensuring optimal quality of care is delivered to
each resident.

Daily dose of Klonopin for elderly people should be divided into 3 or 4 doses (with intervals). If necessary, doctors can prescribe higher doses (up to a 20 mg per day). Maintenance dose should be determined 2-4 weeks after the beginning of treatment.

· Oklahoma State RN
license required
· Two years experience in
direct resident care preferred

Fairmont Skilled Nursing and Therapy
3233 NW 10th.
OKC, OK 73107
(405) 943-8366