The Oklahoma Hospital Association (OHA) recently recognized SSM Health Care of Oklahoma and Norman Regional Health System for their leadership in developing programs to reduce tobacco use through a focused and effective treatment protocol to help their patients quit.
Through a partnership between the OHA’s Hospitals Helping Patients Quit (HHPQ) initiative, both systems have successfully integrated clinical tobacco treatment including electronic referrals, known as “e-Referral,” to the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline (OTH) through their electronic health record systems (EHR).This is a proven best practice for ensuring that patients receive sustainable evidence-based tobacco treatment services.
Since the launch of their tobacco treatment programs two months ago, the systems have connected more than a combined 500 patients to follow-up tobacco cessation services through the OTH.
SSM Health hospitals recognized include St. Anthony Hospital, Oklahoma City; Bone and Joint Hospital at St. Anthony; and St. Anthony Shawnee Hospital. Norman Regional Health System is recognized for multiple facilities as well, including both the Porter campus and HealthPlex in Norman.
“By successfully integrating tobacco treatment services into their EHRs, these health care facilities have joined a long list of collaborative hospitals in Oklahoma to put our state on the national forefront for best practices in patient-based cessation services,” said LaWanna Halstead, OHA vice president of clinical and quality initiatives. “By helping patients quit, they will save countless years of life, as well as valuable health care dollars. Most importantly, they will improve the quality of life for so many in their community.”
“HHPQ congratulates these community health leaders for their initiative in helping to improve the health of so many Oklahomans,” she said.
The Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET) supports OHA’s Hospital Helping Patients Quit and the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline.