Oklahoma Children’s Hospital OU Health has unveiled Kids Club, an innovative and exciting way for kids to give back to kids. The program is part of the newly launched Oklahoma Children’s Hospital Office of Philanthropy.
“At Oklahoma Children’s Hospital, our highest priority is to provide exceptional patient- and family-centered care and to improve the lives of children throughout the region,” said Jon Hayes, President of Oklahoma Children’s Hospital. “It is through gifts of every size that we are able to provide this type of care.”
Oklahoma Children’s Hospital Kids Club offers easy-to-use, online tools for kids to create their own fundraising projects, track them, and celebrate their progress as they pursue their passion for philanthropy to help other kids in the community. Club membership benefits include a special T-shirt, stickers, gift certificate to local small business for a sweet treat and internal celebration of their meaningful philanthropy.
Fundraising efforts may be inspired by a special birthday or holiday, sponsored by civic or religious groups, athletic clubs, homeschool or public school cohorts, to name a few. Instructions for establishing individual or group fundraising activities can be found at ouhealth.com/kidsclub. “Something magical happens when one child gives to another,” said Anne Clouse, OU Health hospitals Chief Development Officer. “Their desire to share and give back is a gentle reminder of the miracles we can infuse if we simply create a bridge that connects kids at the hospital with kids who want to make a difference.”
While Clouse anticipates a large percentage of gifts to be in-kind donations such as toys, games, art supplies and other amenities for hospitalized children, monies raised through Kids Club will be administered by Oklahoma Children’s Hospital Office of Philanthropy. Cash donations will be reinvested into existing programs such as the hospital volunteers’ Toy Cart, special events, technology and items for The Zone, a community-funded 6,000-square-foot play-and-learning haven with programming directed by Child Life services.
Clouse shared the genesis behind the club’s inception. “Oklahoma Children’s Hospital Office of Philanthropy wanted to wrap a formal program around this movement that empowers children to practice the art of empathy and giving at an early age. We believe in the healing power of philanthropy, and there’s no better way to foster that notion than by providing a pathway for children to give to their peers.”
To learn more about Kids Club and become involved, visit ouhealth.com/kidsclub or contact Oklahoma Children’s Hospital Office of Philanthropy giving@oumedicine.com. The website also features stories of a few charter members of Kids Club, visit ouhealth.com/kidsclub to learn more
Oklahoma Children’s Hospital OU Health is a part of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit OU Medicine, Inc., providing state-of-the-art healthcare services for children throughout the state and surrounding region. Donations to Oklahoma Children’s Hospital, Kids Club and OU Health are tax deductible.