There is no better place to earn an RN degree than by attending OSU Institute of Technology and receiving an Associate in Applied Science Degree. The OSUIT Registered Nursing Program is approved by the Oklahoma Board of Nursing and accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN).
“Our nursing labs feature advanced simulation mannequins – enabling practice for a wide range of nursing procedures. OSUIT’s Nursing Program provides: hands-on learning environments, experienced faculty, numerous employment opportunities with excellent salary potential, smaller cohorts, caring faculty, and faculty that want you to succeed,” states Dr. Jana Martin, dean School of Nursing and Health Sciences.
“We’re very proud of our graduates and the quality of our program. Upon successful completion of the degree program, faculty continue to monitor the student and their NCLEX-RN preparation. We guide them for success on licensure,” Martin states. Upon successful completion of the NCLEX-RN, graduates are eligible for employment as a registered nurse helping people in a lifelong career that provides both personal satisfaction and great income. Dr. Martin said in the last several years OSUIT’s NCLEX pass rate has improved, and the trend seems to be continuing. Our graduates are normally offered a job before they graduate.
“We have a rigorous program. It has to be rigorous— we are dealing with patients’ lives, your family member’s life.” Martin said students who come to the nursing program are almost always surprised by how difficult and challenging it is, even for those who excelled in high school or other college programs. “It’s a new way of learning that they’re not used to. It’s a different type of memorization that adds application of the critical thinking process. There is a large amount of reading required and commitment from the student. It requires organization, flexibility, the ability to make tough decisions and prioritize. As one of our previous graduates, Carolyn Casey stated, “you must make choices to succeed.”
Students need a wide array of support at home as well to be successful. The training and education are tough because the profession is hard work, Martin said, and the faculty in the nursing program are continually working to ensure the program improves while also meeting the needs of the industry. “Our faculty make sure this is a quality program. They make sure we maintain our standards.”
“Everything we have done, and our accomplishments are because of our faculty,” she said. “They stay up to date on best practices and new technologies.” It’s all in service in making sure the students are prepared and knowledgeable when they start their careers. “We believe that our program prepares them for success not only in passing NCLEX-RN but the career of nursing as well,” Martin said.