Join the INTEGRIS James L. Hall Jr. Center for Mind, Body and Spirit for an evening with author Brigid Schulte, an award winning journalist for the Washington Post – and harried mother of two. She began the journey quite by accident, after a time-use researcher insisted that she, like all American women, had 30 hours of leisure each week. Stunned, she accepted his challenge to keep a time diary and began a journey that would take her from the depths of what she described as the Time Confetti of her days to a conference in Paris with time researchers from around the world, to North Dakota, of all places, where academics are studying the modern love affair with busyness, to Yale, where neuroscientists are finding that feeling overwhelmed is actually shrinking our brains, to exploring new lawsuits uncovering unconscious bias in the workplace, why the U.S. has no real family policy, and where states and cities are filling the federal vacuum.
Along the way, she was driven by two questions, Why are things the way they are and, how can they be better. The answers she found are illuminating, perplexing and ultimately hopeful.