Oklahoma City: Presbyterian Health Foundation (PHF) has awarded $8.5 million in total grant funding to Oklahoma City-based biomedical research institutions and public health innovators in its last fiscal year ending September 30, 2021.
The award total includes $7.7 million in research grant dollars, which have been awarded for more than 80 research projects at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC) and Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF). Funded projects are furthering research discovery in the areas of cancer, diabetes, neuroscience, cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases, plus a new area of emphasis, COVID-19.
“Inspiring health innovation is the focus of our mission and we’re proud to support this critical work” said new PHF President, Rick McCune. “The robust research talent within Oklahoma City’s scientific investigative ecosystem is incredibly deserving of this support. We know it will fuel the best and brightest to continue their work, ultimately supporting improved health outcomes for us all.” One of the grants awarded to OMRF was in support of a collaborative sciences project for scientists working to detect abnormalities in metabolism to determine how those abnormalities can exacerbate disease states, particularly in multiple sclerosis. One of the grants awarded to OUHSC focused on acute and chronic osteoarthritis pain and exploring treatments that could prevent or slow the disease’s progression.
“The results from our collaborative and team science requests continue to not only impress us, they are gaining traction and securing additional funding from national institutions such as National Institutes of Health, the American Cancer Society, and the American Heart Association, which will help bring those discoveries to our doctors’ offices and our hospitals,” said PHF Chairman, Tom R. Gray, III. “We’re thrilled to see such productive research collaborations happening across the campus.”
Since its inception, PHF has awarded nearly $200 million in grants primarily to biotechnology and medical research organizations in Oklahoma with an emphasis on research and innovation taking place within Oklahoma City’s Health Center campus.
Presbyterian Health Foundation (PHF) (phfokc.com) is a private Oklahoma City-based foundation dedicated to accelerating lifesaving scientific research from ideas to medical innovations. Since 1985, PHF has granted nearly $200 million to biomedical research institutions and health focused organizations with an emphasis on the Oklahoma Health Center campus.