The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital in Bethany was recently recognized as a designated LAMP Certified Center of Excellence.
LAMP, Language Acquisition through Motor Planning, is a therapeutic approach based on neurological and motor learning principles.
The goal of the LAMP intervention model is to give individuals that are nonverbal or who may have limited verbal abilities, a means to express themselves independently.
The developers of LAMP created a program pairing consistent motor movement, consistent auditory feedback and a natural response, while using a speech generating device. According to the Center of AAC & Autism, this approach improves language and communication by imitating the neurological processes associated with typical speech development. This method provides the individual with a language system that has the capability to allow developmental language progression from single words to fluent communication.
“The inability for one to effectively communicate their wants, needs and desires directly impacts their quality of life, ability to develop relationships, educational opportunities and overall development,” said Erin
March, therapy manager, The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital.
“Finding a way to provide active and interactive communication like LAMP, is exciting and rewarding for the patients and the staff. Here at The
Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital, we are committed to learning and implementing evidenced-based methods to help give our patients a voice.”
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