The Fountains at Canterbury group practices rowing technique after loading into the dragon boat.

Residents of The Fountains at Canterbury, located in northwest Oklahoma City, recently visited the Boathouse District to participate in dragon boating. Associates, residents and members of The Club, a full service fitness center at The Fountains at Canterbury, joined together to form a rowing team to try their hands at something new, different and exhilarating.
Located on the Oklahoma River, an official U.S. Olympic and Paralympic training site, dragon boat rowing is one of numerous activities offered in the Boathouse District. Paddling to the beat of a drummer, rowers learn the basic commands and paddle strokes then venture out to enjoy the water. According to the Boathouse District, dragon boating is the world’s fastest growing water sport and children, adults and seniors can all enjoy.
“It was just wonderful,” said Sue Leary, member of The Club at The Fountains at Canterbury. “The dragon boats are a fun group activity, the weather was great and it’s in a really beautiful location in downtown Oklahoma City.”
Dragon boating is one of numerous activities and adventures that residents of The Fountains at Canterbury participate in throughout the year. They regularly take trips across Oklahoma and surrounding states, enjoy live performances on and off campus, participate in community service, enjoy theme dinners, take a variety of classes on site and are active in the arts, including participating in a national calendar art competition. Maintaining an environment where people thrive is a top priority of The Fountains of Canterbury community life director Becky Strong.
“Seeing our residents partake in such an unusual, active event was thrilling and we can’t wait to go back,” said Strong. “The joy our residents experience when they try something new and fulfilling is what The Fountains is all about.”
“This was fun,” said Marv Groschen, member of The Club at The Fountains at Canterbury. “It was a really good workout, this was the first time I’ve been here and I’d love to come back to do it again.”