Amber Nowling, RN, clinical services director, has been with Grace Living Centers since high school.

Pictures of Grace Living Center nurses ring Amber Nowling’s Oklahoma City office.
Each one holds a special place in her heart.
As the Clinical Services Director, it’s Nowling’s job to ensure clinical excellence throughout the Grace framework.
But on each independent center’s journey to five-star excellence, Nowling, RN, understands it’s the nurses and staff who see that mission through.
That’s why the focus on staff is paramount.
“If you don’t care for yourself you certainly can’t care for others,” Nowling said. “People have to have their basic needs me to meet the needs of others. If we don’t recognize that we’re missing the mark.”
Nowling began her career with Grace as a nurse aide while at Buffalo High School. After college she stayed as a registered nurse while earning her administrator’s license.
She something that she just couldn’t let go.
“The home-like environment and the fact they are just so faith and family-oriented,” Nowling said of what’s kept her in place for more than 20 years. “They really just embrace you and care about you. If it’s a problem you’re having we always manage to find a way to solve it together. I just feel like it’s important you really should treat others the way you want to be treated.
“This company has always done that.” Every step of the way she felt Grace’s support behind her. It’s the reason she’s stayed.
That focus is carried through all employees and exemplified by Grace’s recent Nurse of the Year honoree, Bregett Conway, LPN, who works in Chickasha.
Developed in 2011 by an internal task force drawn from homes throughout Oklahoma and representing the major disciplines of Grace’s work, the Grace 12 concept reflects invaluable years of expertise, keen insights and known challenges.
Nowling recognizes true culture change takes time, dedication and perseverance so the Grace 12 Service Standards for Excellence are another way Grace Living Centers demonstrates commitment to serving people with compassion and dignity.
The Grace 12 includes:
1. Our Mission: The mission is the principle belief of our company. It must be known, owned and demonstrated by all.
2. Our Vision: The vision is the measure of our excellence. It’s everyone’s responsibility to know it and achieve it.
3. Our Values: As professionals, we will uphold our values: R.E.S.P.E.C.T. These values will be used in every interaction to ensure satisfaction, retention and loyalty.
4. Our Motto: We are a family of professionals who are guests within the resident’s home. This will be honored by all employees.
5. Empowerment: Each employee is empowered to support and promote a resident centered environment.
6. Ownership: Never allow an issue to go unresolved. All employees should constantly strive to achieve continuity of care or services, addressing and resolving any issues to the satisfaction of our residents, their families and each other.
7. Cleanliness: Superior levels of cleanliness are the responsibility of every employee.
8. Be Positive: Remember, we’re guests. SMILE – a positive attitude is everything. Dress appropriately, use proper vocabulary, greet and escort every guest and make positive eye contact. All eyes are on you.
9. Phone Friendly: Use proper telephone etiquette. Answer the phone promptly. Talk with a smile. Don’t leave people on hold. If you answer it, you own it. No personal cell phone use while on duty.
10. Safety First: Every employee is responsible for creating a safe, secure and accident-free environment for all residents, visitors and each other.
11. Stewardship: Take pride in and protect our resident’s home and personal property. Conserve energy; properly maintain equipment and the environment.
12. Ambassadorship: We are AMBASSADORS of GRACE inside and outside of the workplace. We will do all we can, all the time, to ensure that our residents and their families would recommend us to the community. We have a heart to admit and welcome growth.
“I’ve been given so many special abilities to influence people working with Grace and growing up with Grace I can’t imagine (being anywhere else),” Nowling said.