Those who go to college obtain a general academic education that can prepare them for a variety of careers. This education typically takes four years. It also requires students to select a “major” or concentration. Your major or concentration is the field of study that you plan to focus on in your time at college. Aside from a few majors that are career-specific such as engineering or accounting, colleges don’t specifically prepare you for a trade. Instead, they provide you with a solid base of academic knowledge that you can apply to a number of different career paths.

Technical School
Tech school, aka vocational school, is almost the complete opposite of college. Rather than receiving a broad education, you enroll in a course of study and take very specific classes to prepare you for a particular job. A few examples include nursing, culinary arts, massage therapy, office management, cosmetology, fashion design, information technology, etc. Although vocational classes are typically found in community colleges, there are also a large number of technical institutes that provide this kind of training. Find your path below to get started: