D. Gregory Main

St. Gregory’s University President Emeritus D. Gregory Main passed away at home on Sunday, June 4, surrounded by his family.
“Greg was a tremendous leader and advocate for St. Gregory’s University; he genuinely gave heart and soul to the mission of our University during his tenure,” said President Michael A. Scaperlanda. “I remain forever grateful for his mentorship and he will be deeply missed by everyone in the St. Gregory’s community.”
President Emeritus Main was appointed to his position as the 15th president of St. Gregory’s University on July 1, 2011. He had the opportunity to oversee a variety of successful initiatives during his tenure. His work led to the creation of St. Gregory’s Nursing Program in Shawnee, Oklahoma City and Tulsa. He also led a record fundraising effort to restore Benedictine Hall after being tragically damaged by an earthquake in November 2011.
Main came to Oklahoma in 1991 to serve as the Secretary of Commerce, where he created the job creation incentive program called Quality Jobs, called the most aggressive such program in the nation by U.S. News and World Reports. After his service to the State of Oklahoma, Main worked in venture capital investments and led the highly innovative i2E business investment program in Oklahoma.
In 2009, he was named the President of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, where he worked with Michigan’s leaders to save the nation’s auto industry. As lifelong devout Catholics, Greg and Barbara Main decided to accept the invitation of St. Gregory’s University for Greg Main to become its 15th President.