Q. My job is killing me. Every day it gets harder and harder. I have increased my antidepressant dosage but that really isn’t helping. I don’t know what to do. How can I stay sane and healthy while trying to make a living?

A. The number of people in treatment programs and out patient therapy related to job stress is extremely high. People really are dying in an attempt to make a living.

So lets look at taking an inventory of your finances. Do you currently pay for things that you do not really need or could make changes? For example:
* Cable – do you really need 5,000 channels? * Eating out – How much are you spending on take out, fast food? * Coupons – Are you trying to save by using coupons for groceries, clothing, etc. * Phone plan – How much are you spending on your phone?

How are you trying to stay sane on the job?
* Taking your breaks? * Taking your lunch? * Delegating? * Tuning out negative people? * Debriefing with trustworthy people? * Hiding out in the bathroom?

Sometimes re-framing the thoughts you have about your job can be helpful? * Its only 8 hours, then I am out of here.
* When I leave here I am going to yoga. * I am here for financial comfort so I will look forward to my next paycheck. * I see her micromanaging the unit but its 1115 and I will be out of here at 1530. * This is only a part of my life, I have my children and my pets.

How do you debrief from your stress? * I don’t, I am too tired when I leave work so I go home and get on the sofa and look at face book. * I eat. * I have increased to 2 glasses of wine. * I go to the gym. * I go home and go to bed.
So come up with a different way to look at your job, inventory your finances, debrief with people who have a sense of humor and find a healthy way to burn off your stress.