Debo Bond, RN, works at the new St. Anthony Healthplex in Mustang just a few minutes from where he grew up.


by Mike Lee – Writer

The opening of Mustang’s St. Anthony Healthplex last December was big news for a lot of people.
For the City of Mustang, it was an opportunity to finally have its urgent healthcare needs met by a 24/7, 12-bed emergency room.
And for nurses like Debo Bond, RN, it was a chance to do something few nurses will ever get to do in their careers.
“It’s actually very exciting to come in when there’s no equipment, bare floors and rooms and you get to stock it and be part of that process,” Bond said.
St. Anthony Healthplex Mustang officially opened its doors to care for patients in and around the Mustang area on December 11, 2014. The new facility is located at the corner of State Highway 152 and Sara Road.
Services include a full service Emergency Room, Diagnostic Imaging Center, Procedure Suites, and Breast Center. The second floor is occupied by St. Anthony Physicians Group primary care physicians and specialist physicians.
Bond – and nurses just like him – were able to literally come in on the ground floor of this ambitious St. Anthony project that brought quality healthcare to the Oklahoma City suburban community.
Sleeves were rolled up and egos were pushed aside.
For the 47-year-old Bond it was a breath of fresh air to his 15-year nursing career.
It was a homecoming in more ways than one for Bond, who worked for St. Anthony when he first entered nursing.
“I went to some other opportunities and then came back for a variety of reasons,” he said. “One was I was excited about being part of the commitment and a new facility and being close to home.”
For Bond, the location is perfect. Living between Mustang and Tuttle, Bond attends church at LifeChurch in Mustang.
“I can usually get here legally in seven minutes,” Bond said with a grin.
Key features of the facility include a comprehensive, state-of-the-art electronic health record integrated with St. Anthony partner hospitals throughout the state, spacious emergency area with attention to unique lighting and materials to ensure quietness and a soothing atmosphere. Patient-focused details in each emergency exam room will offer the feeling of a hotel rather than a clinical setting.
The Breast Center borrows spa-like design features to enhance the patient experience. The Diagnostic Center and Procedure Suites enable more high-quality outpatient healthcare services.
Bond entered nursing from a different route. He was an athletic trainer and then worked in physical therapy before beginning emergency medicine as a basic EMT then progressing to paramedic.
“Honestly, I got into nursing because of ministry,” Bond said. “One reason I love St. Anthony is I love the philosophy of treating patients from a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual standpoint. That’s my philosophy. I felt like I was called.
“I feel like God has led me to become a nurse and minister to people who are broken and need healing.”
The St. Anthony community in Mustang is tight-knit. With close to 19 full-time nurses, 10 part-timers and another 15 ancillary staff, everyone pulls their own weight and then some.
“It’s kind of like a big family,” Bond said. “We all kind of chip in to do everything from housekeeping to security.”
The community has embraced the new ER.
“There was a lot of anticipation,” said Bond, noting the facility even had an emergent patient show up on its doorstep two days before opening. “The word is getting out and we’re reaching people. Some come all the way from Elk City or the other side of Chickasha. It’s not shocking to me but on the other hand they’re hearing it from a family member we’ve taken care of or word of mouth.”
The community is excited that nurses like Bond are taking care of them.
“We have enjoyed working with the St. Anthony officials, and are excited about the expansion of healthcare services in our community,” said Mustang Mayor Jay Adams. “This facility will have a significant impact on the quality of life and economy of our community.”
Bond sees his career continuing with St. Anthony. Taking time off recently to focus on a parent with health issues, he says he more than likely will begin a route towards an APRN designation soon.
“There’s a lot of opportunities for growth personally for me,” said Bond, who has children ages 23, 19 and 15. “St. Anthony is a big organization and there’s a lot of room for upward movement, whether that’s in a charge nurse role or within the St. Anthony organization.”

Debo Bond, RN, works at the new St. Anthony Healthplex in Mustang just a few minutes from where he grew up.
Debo Bond, RN, works at the new St. Anthony Healthplex in Mustang just a few minutes from where he grew up.