Q. Lindsey called to make an appointment. She shared some basic information, we set the date but before we hung up, Lindsey asked if I prescribed drugs. I told her no and she immediately cancelled her appointment. Why are people asking for drugs to solve their problems?

A. I do not have prescription authority, nor do I want to prescribe drugs. It is a liability that I do not wish to experience. Nor do I want people to attend therapy and look to drugs for the answer. If it looks like medication might be necessary, I have doctors for referral, but it is always as a last resort.
The ease in which people are obtaining drugs is alarming. I recently talked with someone who told me about paying $200.00 cash for a month supply of Suboxone, NO QUESTIONS ASKED BY THE DOCTOR. According to this source, the waiting room was full.
Do you know how many people tell me on the phone or during their first therapy session that they are Bipolar and take meds? During the assessment I ask them to describe their episode or episodes of mania. They often look at me like I have two heads and state, “I don’t know what mania is” or they say “I have never been manic.” I explain the symptoms for mania to make sure we are talking the same language and again they reply with “no mania.” But they are medicated.
Have you ever taken a drug and had side effects from that drug? So here is a too familiar scenario:
Susie’s doctor prescribes an anti psychotic for anger dyscontrol. One of the side effects is weight gain. Susie puts on an extra 20 pounds quickly. Her doctor prescribes another medication to decrease her appetite. She is also taking a pill for depression. She starts having stomach discomfort so she gets a pill for acid reflux. Now she is constipated so she gets a pill to make her go to the bathroom. If you think this is fiction, you are wrong. It is being played out all over America.
And Big Pharma loves it!!!!! They are getting richer and richer and Americans are more drugged than ever!!! We cannot continue this craziness!!!
Therapy is not about taking drugs to solve your problems. It is about doing the work. Sometimes it is hard, you cry, you get angry, you get insight and you get better. But you have to do the work!!! There is no magic pill!!!

Vicki L Mayfield, M.Ed., R.N., LMFT Marriage and Family Therapy Oklahoma City

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