Julie Bell, RN is the new Nurse Educator at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital. She brings plenty of experience and tender loving care with her as she continues her journey of being a nurse.

by Vickie Jenkins, Staff Writer

The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital offers 24-hour medical care, comprehensive rehabilitative therapies, respiratory care, and special education.
One of the outstanding nurses that you will find here is Julie Bell, RN. Julie has taken over the position of Nurse Educator at the Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital. “It is a great honor and I feel like I can be a great encouragement to the new graduates,” Julie said.
Julie grew up in Oklahoma and New Mexico. Later on, she moved to Weatherford, OK, where she attended Southwestern Oklahoma State University and later went to University of Oklahoma. Julie mentioned several mentors that had a big influence on her life. “They were both wonderful instructors; Tamra Weimer and Marcie Tanner. I looked up to them with the utmost respect.”
When Julie decided to make a career out of nursing, she wasn’t sure which direction to go. “I tried all different areas while in clinicals but it was when I went to work in pediatrics, I knew that this was my calling,” she said.
Julie explained why she is a nurse and why she enjoys working at the Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital. “I want to be a part of a child’s healing process and make a difference in their lives, being a part of their ever changing journey. I love working with the children here. My favorite part of my job is interacting with the children and their parents. Some of the children can’t talk or even make facial expressions, yet I know what kind of music they like to listen. I know their likes and dislikes. I see them for who they are and each one has their own little personality. Working with the children is a most rewarding experience,” Julie commented.
Asking Julie to describe herself, she replied, “I am an optimistic person and I really love people. I like being there for someone’s up and downs and seeing what a joy I can give them. It is nice to be a part of their lives, knowing that I have played a small role in their journey. I am a very compassionate person. Sometimes, I hear the parents say that they never imagined their child would be here. That is when I need to be the most understanding, talking to them and really listening as they share their feelings. It can help tremendously, along with offering them some excellent resources,” she added.
When Julie was a little girl, she wanted to grow up and be a veterinarian. “As I got older, I did quite a bit of volunteer work with a vet and soon realized that I was more interested in the pet owners than the pets, especially if they had to put their pet down. I guess you could say that I gravitated from animals to people,” she said with a laugh.
What qualities make a good nurse? “I think a nurse has to have compassion for others, and of course, empathy is the main one. Also a nurse needs to be a problem solver. We all live through trial and error. A nurse needs to power through the problem and solve it,” Julie replied.
“The best advice I can give to someone going into the medical field is to start out shadowing someone,” Julie commented. “That way, you can see what the job really is, whether you like it or not. In every career, it is not quite as glamorous as what it seems like on TV,” she said with a smile. “When you actually do it yourself, you will also get the real reward in it and that is the best way you can figure out if it the right job for you,” Julie replied. “You will KNOW for sure,” she added.
One of Julie’s most important achievements was when she became a nurse educator at Southwestern. I love it when I see a glimpse of a talent and passion in others and influence them to follow their dream. I love to encourage others, allowing them to see and know just how great they are.”
Asking Julie what motivates her, she replied, “I think it is the fact just knowing that each individual is a human just like me. They may look different but I want to treat my patients like I want to be treated.”
To sum up Julie’s life, she said, “I am so blessed and grateful for what nursing has taught me and what opportunities that have come along the way.”

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In conjunction with the Medical Director, the DON ensures that resident care objectives are established and met and the standards, policies, and procedures of the Department of Nursing Services are consistent with the standards, policies and procedures of the facility, our Principals of Respect and Statement of Commitment, and current standards of care and practice. The DON’s job is multifaceted to promote and include a focus on resident’s quality
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