Earnestine Figaro loves her job as Life Enrichment Coordinator at Northhaven Place. “My goal is to keep the residents involved in fun activities.”

by Vickie Jenkins – Writer/Photographer

At Northhaven Place, they realize that sometimes, it is the little things in life that can bring the greatest pleasure. That is why they offer an extensive array of amenities designed to ensure comfort, convenience and enjoyment.
Meet Earnestine Figaro, CMA, LEC. Earnestine was born in Texas, moved to Oklahoma City, OK when she was ten years old. She attended Metro Tech for her training for CMA and Life Enrichment Coordinator. She has been a LEC for fourteen years and has been at Northhaven Place for the last three years. “Here, at Northhaven Place, it is all assisted living. I love my job here and all of the residents are special in their own way. We have twenty-six residents here and I am in charge of many things,” she said with a laugh.
“My main job is taking care of the residents in the activity area. The greatest joy for me is when I get the residents involved in an activity and they are really excited about it. The state law tells us that as an LEC, the goal is to enrich the resident’s lives with physical and mental activities three to five times a day; to keep their mind alert and sharp. I want the residents to join in on all of the activities, making sure they are being taken care of in every way. I usually succeed at that,” she said.
When Earnestine was little, she wanted to be a professional dancer. “That sure didn’t work out for me,” she said with a laugh. “Actually, I never imaged I would be working in an assisted living facility or be a life enrichment coordinator but here I am and I love it. I am full of energy all the time and I just want to share it with everyone here. Oh, there are some residents that don’t want to join in but after a while, I say something that gets them wanting to be involved. I just have to look at each individual and see exactly what it is that will make them happy.”
Not only is Earnestine in charge of activities for the residents, she has many responsibilities. She is a mentor for other life enrichment coordinators including three assisted living facilities in Kansas, taken care of through email and phone calls and five facilities throughout Oklahoma that she visits every three months. Other responsibilities include helping the residents, passing out medications to the residents when needed, assisting in the kitchen; preparing and serving meals, decorating for the many parties and events that keep her schedule full, along with lots of paperwork and schedule planning. Her main job still remains the same, getting the residents involved and making the residents smile. She is proud of the fact that she succeeds in her goal.
Asking Earnestine to describe herself, she said, “I am an outgoing person, definitely not shy! I am creative and have fun making all sorts of crafts with the residents. I make sure to include them in all of the decorating around here. The residents love for me to sit with them and talk about the next project we will be doing, together! I am so eager to make the residents happy and it’s almost like I have a real craving to make them smile. I am always happy and cheerful and I love color. I like to use bright colors, the brighter the better. I think it makes everything a little more fun. That is exactly what the residents like too. The residents and I work a lot of puzzles together. They just love it. Every time we work a puzzle, I glue the puzzles together and put them on the wall of my office. That way, everyone can enjoy them! It makes the residents proud. They all like me and I like them. I can’t complain about anything and yes, I mean anything,” she said.
What is your biggest asset here at Northhaven Place? “I think it is the fact that I can be very persuasive if I need to be; convincing the resident to join in, relax and have fun.”
Earnestine’s hobbies include crafts, crafts and more crafts. “What can I say? I love making everything out of nothing and I am very CRAFTY. I love getting to see my best friend; Pinterest. That has helped me so much.”
Summing up Earnestine’s life in one sentence, she replied, “I am enthusiastic, making the residents smile, one smile at a time.”

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