Ali Shellhorse, RN, is one of the nurses that can be found at Naadi Vascular and Interventional Center. Ali’s strong compassion for others keeps the patient’s happy.

by Vickie Jenkins – Writer/Photographer

Naadi Vascular and Interventional Center is the first outpatient center in Oklahoma City dedicated to vascular and interventional radiology.
One of the highly qualified nurses at Naadi Vascular and Interventional Center is Ali Shellhorse. With a caring heart, she is there for the patient from the beginning to the end. “I truly enjoy working here, seeing the results and watching the patients progress,” Ali commented.
Growing up in Miami, Florida and moving to Oklahoma City was a big change for Ali. “I moved to Oklahoma City in 2001. Yes, Oklahoma was quite different than Florida. “I know that Oklahoma City, OK has made some great changes since then and I am glad that I live here,” she added.
“My favorite part of my job is caring for the patients and watching their progress. When the patients come in for the first time, they are not sure what to expect. We are all about teamwork here! It is so rewarding to watch a patient’s progress. When they come to see us, they are usually having some problems with some wounds or with the blood flow in their feet and legs. I like to see the healing process; making sure the patient is having better mobility and getting back to their daily activities, without pain and increasing their mobility. The patients are always surprised how they feel so much better after they come here,” she said. “We have to have excellent and impeccable communication,” Ali added.
What qualities make a good nurse? “First of all, a nurse needs to have compassion. They need to be able to put their self in the patient’s shoes. A nurse needs to make a patient feel comfortable, wanting them to have a good experience,” Ali said. What is your strongest quality? Ali replied, “I think I am a very good caregiver. I always try to make the patient feel comfortable and I think I provide very good quality care.”
Asking Ali what she wanted to do when she was a little girl, she smiled and answered, “Well, I always wanted to do something in management, like managing a resort on a tropical island,” she said with a laugh. “I guess I could always be a nurse on a tropical island, but I really don’t think that is going to work out right now,” she added.
Why do you feel like this job is so special to you? “When the patients come in, they are struggling with blood flow in their feet and legs. They feel like this is their last chance and they can’t imagine that anything can be done for them. When they see Dr. Ramana, he has a plan for them and they get excited when he tells them that there is a way they can be healed. Just knowing that I helped in a small way in the healing process makes this job so rewarding and worthwhile,” Ali replied.
Ali mentioned one of her favorite nurses, teacher and mentor. That person is Lisa Halman. “She was a nurse when I was in the LPN program at Western Technology Center in Burns Flat, Oklahoma. She never degraded anyone for asking questions, and had a way of making us eager to learn. I will never forget her and the influence she had in my life,” Ali commented. “She was full of encouraging words along the way and I will always be grateful to her.”
Ali is motivated by her patients. “I love the patients and we have a fun time together. There is lots of laughing and it is easy to come to work since this is such a positive environment,” Ali replied. When everything is over and done with, the patients have better mobility, they are healthier and we know we did a good job.”
Ali has four children ranging from twenty years old to twenty eight years old. “My youngest daughter, Grace is applying for nursing at OCCC,” Ali said. “My hobbies include reading and gardening but most of all, I love planning trips because I love to travel. I have a little Maltese and his name is Harry.”
Advice you would like to give to someone going into the medical field? “When you are in school, make friends and depend on your fellow students to help carry you on through school. Always have a study group but most of all, be thankful for everything,” Ali replied.
Summing up Ali’s life in one word, she said, ‘Blessed.’

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