Leaders from the Masonic Charity Foundation of Oklahoma present OMRF President Stephen Prescott, M.D., (third from the left) with a check for ,000

Last Monday, the Masonic Charity Foundation of Oklahoma awarded $250,000 to the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation.
The funds are designated for research in OMRF’s Aging and Metabolism Research Program, where scientists are investigating a wide range of age-related diseases, including Alzheimer’s, age-related muscle loss, osteoarthritis, diabetes, vision loss and neurodegenerative disorders, among others.
“The Masonic Charity Foundation has a long history of supporting the needs of all Oklahomans from all walks of life,” said Bob Peters, Grand Master for the Masonic Charity Foundation of Oklahoma. “If you live, you also age, and OMRF is looking for ways to add more healthy years to all our lives. We are happy to provide this grant in support of OMRF’s mission, which serves our Oklahoma families.”
In 2017, OMRF dedicated its Masonic Charity Foundation of Oklahoma Aging and Alzheimer’s Research Laboratory, which houses Holly Van Remmen, Ph.D., chair of OMRF’s Aging and Metabolism Research Program. Van Remmen’s research focuses on diseases of aging, with an emphasis on loss of muscle as people grow older.
The Masons have supported research at OMRF since 1999, with gifts totaling $1.2 Million.
“With a growing aging population, these issues are becoming more and more important,” said OMRF Vice President of Development Penny Voss. “The Masons deserve all of our thanks for their continued support of Oklahoma’s aging population and they’re an important partner in the hunt for solutions to diseases of aging.”